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Ways To Make Carpet Cleaning Easier For Busy Families

Carpet Cleaning Easier

Carpets are a popular flooring material as they help provide a feeling of warmth and comfort, and they also help reduce noisy footsteps while providing a soft landing spot for falls. They also have a good aesthetic, so people like to use them in spaces like open plan offices or  homes. However, a study from the US National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine notes that it's important to exercise caution when using them. The research indicates that compared to non-carpeted floors, there is more dust and allergens present in spaces with carpeted floors. Carpets can catch dirt from either inside or outside your home, and your pet’s fur, dust, lead, dust mites, soil, and mold can get trapped in them. 

The presence of these accumulated dirt and dust can cause eye and throat irritation and can worsen allergies, or in more serious cases, even exacerbate asthma. Your family, especially your children, can be affected by these potential health hazards, and this is why regular carpet cleaning is so important. Carpet cleaning comes with many benefits such as eliminating these pollutants, as well as helping to keep your family safe and healthy. For busy parents with a lot of responsibilities, here are some ways to help make your carpet cleaning process at  less time consuming. 

Manage high-traffic areas

Carpets that have been placed in high-traffic areas, such as hallways and the living room, should be checked more often for cleaning. For any spills, it's recommended to blot the stain immediately, not rub at it. You can use carpet protectors to help protect your carpets from stains, though other possible alternatives is to also protect it with a rug or a doormat. You can also have some rules in the household to keep your carpets clean. You can tell your children that they are meant to only eat their food at the table to reduce crumbs and spills. You may also enforce a no shoes rule inside the house to lessen the dirt that you'd have to clean up.

Use of cleaning tools

The use of cleaning equipment like vacuums and carpet cleaners can definitely help to make the cleaning process more convenient. Both are necessary for carpet cleaning, as the carpet needs to be vacuumed first. The difference is that a carpet cleaner, also known as a carpet shampooer, is brought out for handling deeper stains vacuums can't handle. Carpet cleaners come in a variety of sizes and uses, such as those designed for removing pet stains or fur, for deep cleaning, for stair carpets, and for easier storage, among others. When buying one, make sure you pick the right one that's suited for your home and cleaning needs.

Have your carpet professionally cleaned

Having your own carpet cleaner is less costly than making use of cleaning services, but if you find that your carpet is too dirty and you can't get the stains and dirt out, then it's recommended that you call on professionals to do the job. Professional carpet cleaning should be done once a year, but depending on the number of people that step into your home, you can have it done every two or six months. 

Having the time to clean your home well should be a priority. Maintaining cleanliness in your household is essential for the safety and health of your family as it ensures a better and healthier environment for them. By knowing convenient cleaning methods, stain reduction, and making use of professional services, you can keep your carpets clean and germ-free.