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What to consider before buying a cubby house for kids?

cubby house for kids

Are you considering buying a cubby house for your kids? Let me tell you, you are a great parent! After all, not everyone chooses to invest in a cubby house for their children even if it's the best thing in the world for them.

A cubby house seems like a magical place for the children that will keep them occupied for hours. They can hide, play, and have fun in the cubby houses which is surely going to give wings to their imagination. By considering buying a cubby house, you are going to make a great decision. But is buying a cubby house easy?

As this purchase is an investment, you need to make sure that you are going to make a right choice and not waste money on a cheap product that will deteriorate quickly. Consider these 5 things in your mind before buying a cubby house and your kids are going to love you more.

1. Choose a suitable place for installing the cubby house

You can't install the cubby house wherever you want. You should have sufficient space to place a cubby house. Also, the size and structure of your cubby house depend on the available area in your house. If you have a small space, consider buying a smaller cubby house but make sure it has all necessities to satisfy your child's needs.

Other than that, make sure to leave some space around the cubby house. Your cubby house should not take the entire space of the backyard. It should leave an ample amount of space for easy movement where you can at least take a walk or a small run.

2. Properly check the add-ons to the cubby house

You know what is going to make your kids love the cubby house more and help them play outside in the fresh air more? - Some additional add-ons!

Your kids are surely going to enjoy the cubby house but if you add some amazing add-ons, then say goodbye to your struggles of forcing your kids to play outside. Some common and best add-ons to a cubby house are - swings, toys, toy furniture, slides, monkey bars, curtains, and stickers.

3. Focus on the safety elements before buying a cubby house

Children are surely going to get a lot of injuries from playing and running outside in their childhood. But that doesn't mean that you will give a blind eye to their safety. The safety of your kids should be your first priority while choosing a good cubby house.

Look for cubby houses online that are made up of strong materials so it doesn't break while your child plays wildly with it. Try to choose a simple design that doesn't allow any kind of injuries at all. For further safety measures, you can place the cubby house near your home's windows so you can keep an eye on your child.

4. Check if the colors and design is durable

Your kid's cubby house is going to be outside enduring everything - from the scorching sun to the heavy rainfall. If you don't want a dull cubby house that looks more like a haunted thing, then pay special attention to the color quality.

The color should be of high quality to resist nature. To give your child the best experience, you can also buy paint to color it on your own while your child enjoys watching his cubby house getting ready.

5. Make sure that the cubby house matches the theme of your backyard

This option is not for the kids but for the parents. You are being an amazing parent by buying a cubby house for your little ones. But that doesn't mean you have to keep an eyesore next to your house. A cubby house that doesn't go with the theme of your house nor the backyard can be a huge mistake for the overall aesthetic of your home.

Thus, make sure to match the theme and feel of the cubby house so it adds beauty to your house rather than hampering your home interiors.

In Conclusion:

Since 90% of brain development happens before kindergarten, a cubby house can be a great investment in your child's development and to make sure your he or she is not lagging behind.