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What To Consider With Baby Circumcision in Manchester

Baby Circumcision

Congratulations, you have just given birth to a healthy and handsome baby boy in Manchester! As a parent, you would know that raising a baby boy is a lot different from that of a daughter. Boys have varied needs and concerns, which sometimes might be difficult for you, too, as a parent to decipher. One of the most highly talked about matters among Manchester parents has to do with baby boys and circumcision. There is always that debate as to when might be the best time to have your little boy circumcised.

Here, this article gives you insights on baby circumcision and factors that you must consider when deciding on this matter.

1. The Age And Health Of Your Baby Upon Birth

Generally, babies are born full-term. But there are also some babies who come out earlier than expected and are considered as premature babies. For these babies, there is a high probability that your doctor in Manchester will not recommend circumcision to be done. The problem arises, therefore, if your religion or culture dictates that upon birth, the baby must be circumcised. Talk it through very well with your doctor, as it is hazardous to do this procedure to a preterm or premature baby.

Other risk factors relating to your baby’s health that may not allow for a baby circumcision include:

  • The baby is born with problems in his penis or testicle area
  • The baby is born with bleeding problems
  • The baby is born with a family history of bleeding problems

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2. The Risks Of Circumcision

As circumcision is still a medical procedure, this is not without any risk. These risks are present for circumcision in boys from childhood to the early teenage years, and more so for baby circumcision. However, your doctor will talk you through these risks if you are really decided to carry on with infant circumcision.

Some of the risks that you have to be cautious about include:

  • Too much bleeding or infection
  • Side effects from the pain relief medicine
  • Too much skin removed

But don’t fret too much and be scared. While these risks are quite common, serious complications are often infrequent as well.

3. The Circumcision Procedure Itself

Before you push through with your baby’s circumcision, ask your doctor to walk you through the process of circumcision first. It will be very informative for you both as the parents to have a general idea as to what it is you should be expecting for your son to go through during the procedure. This walk-through of the process is helpful in deciding whether or not you want your baby boy to undergo the procedure now or delay it for later.

4. The Cost Involved

Just because you decide on having your newborn circumcised upon birth doesn’t mean that is going to be included your insurance or medical health plans. Most insurance policies don’t cover circumcisions that aren’t for medical reasons. It is only when a doctor orders for it to be done due to health reasons that your insurance will cover the procedure. Hence, as a part of your decision-making process, it is essential for you to, too, to talk about the costs of the whole process.

Is this a cost you want to be added up to your medical bill right now, or would you instead go through this expense later on in the future, when your baby boy is older?

5. The Preferences Of Your Husband, Too

Mothers, remember that having your son circumcised is not a choice that you are solely going to make. In fact, the best person to decide on the circumcision is your baby boy. This is precisely the reason why some parents choose to delay this procedure so that their son can decide later on when he fully understands the process, and what exactly circumcision is, as well as when you start talking to your teenager about sex.

But if you really wish to have it done for your son, as some parents do, take into consideration the decision and preference of your husband as well. This is a matter that is best understood by men, hence it would be beneficial to also have the perspective of a man who has or has not gone through the same in his life.


Circumcision in boys is not mandatory, though some way want to have it done when their baby is still an infant due to religious, social, and cultural practices. Just remember to talk about it carefully and thoroughly with your medical provider to ensure that you are making the most informed decision possible on behalf of your baby.