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Why Water Is Important for Children

child drinking water

When you have a child, your mind is always running at a million miles a minute. You’re thinking about what to carry with you when they need to be changed, what new fancy food you should try out that makes promises for better health- but the fact of the matter is, it’s the necessities that matter the most. There’s no question that water is right at the top of these necessities - for all living creatures- but for children in particular. This is because water is deceptively simple in appearance, but is incredibly complex and vital for healthy growth. Read on to find out more about why water is so important for children.

Keeps Them at Their Ideal Weight

The number of children that are overweight over the past couple of years has noticeably increased. The thing is, if you don’t already know this, often what we think of as hunger, is actually thirst- your body in need of hydration, not food. And if this is something that many of us are not aware of unless we’re told of the fact, then you can bet your boots that your kids certainly don’t know! When kids overeat, it’s because they’re compensating and trying to satisfy that urge. It’s up to you to monitor their water intake so that they are living healthy lives and eating according to their ideal weight at any given age. 

It’s Essential for Their Digestive System

Water is an absolutely important factor when it comes to digestion, and if they don’t have enough, children can suffer from a number of things that they can easily avoid. Before anything else, make sure that the water that you’re giving to your kids is clean. It’s important to find a reliable and credible water filtration company in your area so they can install filters for you. This way, you can guarantee that there are no harmful substances in your tap water. Once you’re sure that you’re water is clean and safe for your kids to consume, make sure that they drink as much water as they need because if they don’t they risk suffering from issues such as constipation. Water plays a vital role in helping the body break down food and also taking the useful nutrients that the body needs for the digestive system to function the way it should. 

Dehydration is Dangerous

Drinking water is simply not the same as drinking anything else. So if your child is thirsty, then juice just won’t cut it in terms of rehydrating their bodies properly. Children move around a lot and need to be active, and this means that they’re constantly losing water from their bodies through sweating or just generally because of their hyperactivity. If your child does not get the proper hydration, they can get dizzy or even faint. We just covered why water is so essential for the digestive system, and through dehydration, this could all become a really big problem. Dehydration can also cause headaches which are pretty unbearable for kids, and this happens because the blood circulation is not occurring as it should. A lack of water also puts your child at risk of getting heat and sun-related damage to their skin and bodies. 

Keeps Them Alert & Active

Drinking waters allows a child’s circulation to function properly, and this means that the brain is also functioning at its best capacity. Children that drink water regularly have been found to be more active, more alert, and also much more focused. The last thing you want is your child to always feel fatigued when they should be out and about, learning and playing. 

It Affects Their Memory

Growing children are always working hard to learn, understand and remember things taught at school and during their daily activities as well. Drinking water has been found to actually play a role in strengthening short term memory, and this is something that you want to take care of from day one. This is something that they will thank you for years into the future when they’re gray and old, and not suffering from any memory loss related diseases. 

Water is important for everyone- but especially so for children. And this is because these kids are still developing their bodies and minds, and water plays a critical role in their development. Water literally has a role to play in the well-being of their minds and bodies, from head to toe, and from any angle you look at it. If you make it a habit and a norm to constantly drink water from an early age, then you can rest assured that you’ll be saving them from a lot of setback and trouble that is associated with dehydration.