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Grandparents, So Many Gifts to Bring!

Second Harvest Curriculum

Grandparents, So Many Gifts to Bring!If you are fortunate to have family members who support you in your homeschooling venture, congratulations!Today I am going to share about Grandparents and the experience they can bring to your homeschool. There are many names for Grandparents, here I am going to use Grandma & Grandpa.We get many calls from Grandparents here at Second Harvest Curriculum, ; particularly Grandma’s who want to help a grandchild “catch up”.  As one Grandma put it yesterday, “ My  granddaughter has lost her foundation”,  this was due she felt to her particular school system and the bullying that we was having to deal with.  This Grandma had homeschooled her children and she felt that her experience in homeschooling would help out her granddaughter.We get calls from Grandparents wanting used older editions, the ones they used for their children.    Sometimes that gets a little tricky, but we can usually find what they need or direct them to someone who can.  Grandparents can also help out by purchasing curriculum for their grandkids.  Sometimes this is so heartwarming.  A Grandpa called awhile back and his daughter had given him a list of exactly what they needed. He had no experience at this sort of thing and but was happy to help out his family.    Sometimes a special book for homeschooling is purchased as a gift and shipped to the grandchild. Moral support is also a welcome gift from Grandparents.   One who is a good listener (for both moms and kids), someone to take the kids for just a few hours or bringing supper over when there has been a trying day are just a few of the ways to offer support.The list can be endless when it comes to Grandparents bringing variety to homeschooling.   Life skills, like sewing, cooking, woodworking, patch and repair, family history and gardening just to name a few.  These can be taught at any time anyplace.    Let’s face it sometimes things are just more fun with Grandma  & Grandpa. Variety can also come in the form of a different voice and approach. I was always amazed how we would try to understand Algebra and just having someone else’s input & perspective put it together for us and it clicked.  Grandparents involved in your homeschool can bring a Variety of Experience & Experienced Variety.

Lory Power & her husband Gary had the honor of homeschooling their youngest son Dylan Jr. high through graduation. With that experience Lory enjoys listening & sharing with homeschool moms about the joys & trials of homeschooling & finding good used homeschool curriculum.  Lory has worked for Second Harvest Curriculum since June 2010 & has owned Second Harvest Curriculum since January 2013.Their website address is