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How to Teach Your Kids About the Importance of Skincare

importance of Skincare

Skincare is an important part of health care. Teaching your kids about the importance of skincare is essential. When you teach kids early on about the importance of skincare, you are setting them up for a lifetime of good skin health. Here are some tips for teaching your child how to care for their skin.

Model Good Behavior

Making skincare a normal part of your child's daily routine can be as simple as being a role model for skincare. Let them join you while you perform your skincare routine. For example, when applying sunscreen, ensure that your children are watching and answer any questions about why you apply sunscreen.

Teaching your child to use sunscreen is one of the easiest ways to help protect their health. According to the Skin Cancer Association, by the age of 70, 20% of people will have skin cancer. Make it a norm in your household to apply sunscreen regularly to help protect your family's skin health. Modeling behavior for your children is a powerful way to ensure your children follow a healthy skincare regimen. Read on to learn a few more tips about how to teach your children the importance of skincare.

Make it Fun

Skincare can be fun. Make a game out of skincare for your child. Buy products that they help pick out. Ensure that they have kid-friendly ingredients. Making skincare fun is a great way to get your child involved with caring for their skin and will help them to look forward to it.

You can even offer prizes and rewards for keeping up with skincare. If you make skincare a rewarding experience for your child, they are more likely to participate in the process. Set a schedule for skincare activities, and use a timer, to ensure that enough time is being spent caring for skin health.

Celebrate Achievements

Make a little calendar that your child is directed to use to keep track of their skincare. For example, they can note when they apply sunscreen each day. Use the calendar to help keep them focused on goals like applying sunscreen every day. When they fill up the calendar for the agreed number of days, celebrate.

Applying sunscreen for a week straight is certainly worthy of an ice cream cone. Acknowledging their successes with skincare is essential to ensure they stay on the right path. A little celebration of achievement can go a long way in helping your child develop good skincare habits.

Talk About It

Many parents don't spend enough time discussing skin health with their children. Explain some of the pitfalls of not caring for your skin, like premature aging and developing skin disorders. There are a lot of diseases that no one talks about, like the fact that one out of 10 people who contract Legionnaires Disease will die, according to the CDC. Of course, you don't want to scare them, so be sure to use your best judgment when discussing the consequences of not caring for your skin.

Talk to your child about the health benefits of caring for their skin. Insurance companies are becoming stricter about what qualifies as a pre-existing condition. It won't be long until they decide that if you don't use sunscreen and care for your skin, you are at fault for any developments. According to the Department of Insurance, bad faith is when an insurance company does not follow policy obligations. It's best to avoid any potential insurance issues by doing what you can to protect your child and their skin.

You should teach your children about skincare for many reasons, but none greater than protecting their health. As a parent, you want to give your child every advantage to live a long, healthy life. Learn more ways to get your child on board with a skincare routine that will become a habit for life.