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Keeping Your Family Safe This Summer

Keeping Your Family Safe This Summer

Summer means fun but it can also mean injuries. During summer, you and your family play outside, bike, swim, and road trip.

All of these fun things include a bit of risk. You can mitigate that risk though with a few simple steps.

Safer Road Trips

Every year in the US, more than 5.8 million motor vehicle accidents occur. You can avoid being involved in one of these by driving defensively. Conduct regular maintenance on your vehicle and keep it in top shape. Take a safe driving class so you lower your insurance rates and improve your driving knowledge.

Increase Your Home's Safety

Conduct a review of your home's exterior as summer begins. Replace torn screens and cracked storm windows. Check the entry doors, too. Replace a worn or ill-fitting storm door. You might also update your entry doors now to solid core doors. Consider upgrading your garage door as well. You open your garage door about three to five times per day if you go in and out as much as the average person. That puts a strain on the garage door since that equates to opening and closing nearly 1,500 times per year. That probably explains why the only last about 15 years. Choosing a new garage door of tougher material can help protect your vehicles, tools, and entry to your home because few people lock the door from their garage into their house.

Increase Your Business Safety

Whether you run your business from home or an office building, you need to upgrade your computer security and your office entry. If you do not already have a security system installed, have that done. According to Insureon, in 2016, 8.8% of small businesses experienced burglary or theft. You can avoid belonging to this category by increasing your business's security.

Family Fun & Safety

We spend a lot of time outdoors during summer. You can protect yourself and your family from skin cancer by wearing sunscreen of at least 30 SPF. If you or your children have pale skin, purchase and use 50 to 100 SPF instead. It can make all of the difference. About 30 minutes before heading outside, put on your sunscreen. You will need to re-apply it every two hours or so. Use a sweatproof, waterproof sunscreen so you can swim and play while sticking to the two hour re-application schedule. Also, wear a hat and UV clothing if you will be outdoors a long time. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Use insect repellant. Mosquitoes in the US carry West Nile Virus, and the ticks carry Lyme Disease. Spraying yourselves regularly with a DEET spray provides protection from more than just bug bites.

Bike, Skateboarding, and Roller Skating and Blading Safety

Wear a helmet and knee pads. You help yourself avoid head injuries and leg injuries by doing this. Observe children under 13 as they skate or bike because younger kids tend to try tricks that older kids do, or they saw their favorite pro biker/skater perform. This puts them at risk, and you can talk to them ahead of time, but you also need to watch them.

Water Safety Tips

Make some swimming pool rules and put in safety equipment. Erect a barrier around the swimming pool that limits access. This should have a locking door and alarm that kids cannot get through. You should always supervise children while they swim. Drowning often occurs silently. You will not hear anything. They will already be underwater, so you will not hear a call for help or any splashing. Always supervise children near any body of water. You should learn pediatric and adult CPR just in case. Put your children in swim classes as soon as they are old enough so they can safely use the pool.

The same rules apply at the beach or lake with an added one for boating. Always wear a life jacket when on a boat. Ensure it fits properly and keep it secured.

Implementing these simple steps can make you and your family safer this summer. Stock up on sunscreen, upgrade your home entry points, and maintain your car. Set a few rules for summer fun and enjoy the warmest time of the year.