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Turning Your Garage Into a Useful Space for the Family

Turning Your Garage Into a Useful Space

While many homeowners use their garages as a way to keep their vehicles out of the elements or for additional storage, they can be useful spaces in other ways as well. If you're willing to spend a little time and money renovating your space, then your garage can have a variety of uses. Step one of any garage renovation is to get rid of any excess junk and make sure the space is clean and sealed. Once that's done, you can decide which kind of renovation will be the best for you and your family.

Option One: Workshop

Workshops are a great option for anyone who routinely does work around the home or has any kind of craftsman streak. A garage can often be turned into an ideal workshop space with a few upgrades. Built-in wall units and shelving for tool and equipment storage will quickly transform the space into something that's easily usable. As for the floor, concrete is a great option for workshop flooring since it's highly durable. Foam mats can also help protect any flooring that's already down.

And don't forget to upgrade the door if you need to. The average garage door opens and closes three to five times each day, making for approximately 1,500 openings and closings a year. That's bound to wear on the internals.

Option Two: Office

If you either work from home or want the option of doing so, then converting your unused garage space into a home office might be the best choice for you. The biggest obstacle when it comes to turning a garage into a home office is usually the flooring. Concrete is a very strong and durable material, but it's not the most attractive. Depending on your garage, a good laminate or even hardwood would be a good flooring option.

The average American vehicle will spend 95% of its lifetime parked. If you want your car to remain protected in the garage even with a home office, you may need to consider expanding the garage space.

Option Three: Bedroom

If you want or need to expand your living space, then converting the garage into an extra bedroom is a great option, especially if you have a family member moving in or someone staying over in a long-term arrangement. One of the biggest expenses that often comes with this type of renovation is the flooring. While concrete is great for a workshop and can be passible in an office, it's generally not a good option for a bedroom. Instead, look into carpeting or even hardwood flooring to quickly transform the look and feel of the space.

Option Four: Gym

If you're looking for a way to get the most out of your garage space, then consider converting it into a gym. A recent study shows that physical therapy can lower patient treatment costs by 72%, so just imagine what keeping yourself in good shape can do for your quality of life. Foam flooring and mats can be easily set down to protect existing flooring and provide a softer surface for floor exercises.

Renovating your garage and turning it into a useful space can be a big undertaking, so it's best to pace yourself and not take on too much at once. The first step is always to clean out the space and see what you really have to work with. From there you can start planning out the best use for the space and figure out what supplies you'll need to move forward.

Painting, insulation, and other considerations should be taken into account as well before you commit to anything. Always consider your budget and available time before you decide to tackle a major project.