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Ten Days Without the Kids

Planning a 10 day European summer vacation without the kids requires organization, trust and cutting the umbilical cord. 

So after weeks of planning the appropriate camp with rides there and back, trusting grandma and grandpa to move in and detaching myself emotionally from the thought of being thousands of miles away on a different continent, I am now on the Greek islands basking in the Mediterranean. 

A blissful week of relaxing without a schedule. Mornings without hearing "mommy" and afternoon cocktails are when I know I am on a couples vacation! Yes, I did it. I actually left the kids with my parents in the comfort of their Brentwood home with daily activities and home cooked meals that I'm not slaving over. 

They are having a great time breaking the rules with their grandparents and I am having a great time breaking the rules with my husband. 

Signing out for now from Mykonos. Oh just remember you should do this too! As women we need our own time and our partners need us for a week out of the year when we are not mommy. 

Shirin Yadegar is creator and CEO of www. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and four daughters. 


I completely agree! Having time to yourself and treating yourself helps you be happier which makes you a better mom :)

Going on vacation with your kids isn't really a vacation at all and is sometimes more chaotic then staying home with them. It's important to have vacation time with your spouse so you can maintain a healthy relationship and be happy.

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Shirin Yadegar is happily married and a mother of four beautiful girls. She is the founder and CEO of Los Angeles Mom Magazine which empowers moms to feel self-confident about the decisions they make for their families. Influential doctors, educators and psychologists write columns about difficult issues moms face on a daily basis.