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Mother & Entrepreneur

Shirin Yadegar is happily married and a mother of four beautiful girls. She is the founder and CEO of Los Angeles Mom Magazine which empowers moms to feel self-confident about the decisions they make for their families. Influential doctors, educators and psychologists write columns about difficult issues moms face on a daily basis.

Traveling with four kids for a month in Israel and Italy equates to a lot of leftover shwarma, pasta and pizza on the little one's plates that's hard to resist. My family loves fine dining so our travels are always focused around our next meal. We search for the best chefs, local organic fare and fun atmospheres.  We recently returned from what was truly the best vacation of our lives. We spent two weeks in Israel celebrating my eldest daughter's bat mitzvah and then flew to Italy where we spent another two weeks devouring the best tuscan cuisine.
Leaving my four daughters behind in Los Angeles while I explore Spain with my hubby is no easy task, but it's worth it. Josh Kafka ( arranged all our hotels and everything was absolutely perfect! We traveled back in time to the cobblestone streets of Cordoba where we began our adventure. Cordoba is a perfect one night stop over for an delicious dinner and walk through this charming city. There are no starbucks lining the streets. Instead, there are family owned cafes and restaurants that offer authentic flavors of andalucia.
When you're married with four children, Valentine's Day is about celebrating the love in your family and creating traditions. Yes, you can still go out for a romantic dinner but honestly it's so cheesy and expensive.
As we begin the new year, we rewind our memories to the past year's triumphs, disappointments and growth. As mothers, we hope that our families have grown together organically to become better human beings, more thoughtful of our surroundings and grateful for all that we have. Giving birth, watching our children take their first steps, celebrating milestones are beautiful when we push rewind stirring laughter and happy tears.
Planning a 10 day European summer vacation without the kids requires organization, trust and cutting the umbilical cord.  So after weeks of planning the appropriate camp with rides there and back, trusting grandma and grandpa to move in and detaching myself emotionally from the thought of being thousands of miles away on a different continent, I am now on the Greek islands basking in the Mediterranean. 
Sexy lingerie keeps my children happy. That's right, when I feel sexy and my husband reacts with affectionate gestures of hugs and kisses it makes my kids feel secure and safe. The most important component of a successful family is the love between parents. When children see daily respect and love between their parents they are more secure and resilient.
I traveled back in time to Vienna when Mozart composed his most popular music and listened to my cousin, Richard Danielpour's brilliant compositions resonate throughout the Vienna Chamber Orchestra. Sipping Viennese coffee in the cafe where Hitler frequented was surreal. 
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