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True Happiness in 2015

As we begin the new year, we rewind our memories to the past year's triumphs, disappointments and growth. As mothers, we hope that our families have grown together organically to become better human beings, more thoughtful of our surroundings and grateful for all that we have.

Giving birth, watching our children take their first steps, celebrating milestones are beautiful when we push rewind stirring laughter and happy tears.

The playback button isn't as appeasing when there is loss, illness, malice and failure. These are obstacles we have all experienced, but how we deal with these emotions is what changes our lives.

This past year has taught me to be honest with myself. Rather than pleasing the world around me, I have learned that until I am truly happy my husband and four daughters will not be happy either. Through my journey, I have taught my beautiful young girls a lesson I was never taught.

Happiness is the result of honesty. When we are truly honest with our inner soul, we find peace. To an 11 year old girl that means don't follow your friends when it doesn't feel right. For my 9 year old, it means don't overcompensate to please your parents.

For each of us, this has a different meaning but happiness is the purpose of life and when I push rewind over this past year I can whole heartedly say that through disappointments and pain I have learned the most important lesson in my life.

At 37, I am the happiest I have ever been. Grateful for all that I have. Aware of the people around me, and nurturing my family with love and of course organic food!

Wishing all of you amazing mommies out there a year that brings you all happiness. A happiness that is true and whole.

Shirin Yadegar is the creator of She lives in Los Angeles with her loving husband and four beautiful daughters.

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Mother & Entrepreneur

Shirin Yadegar is happily married and a mother of four beautiful girls. She is the founder and CEO of Los Angeles Mom Magazine which empowers moms to feel self-confident about the decisions they make for their families. Influential doctors, educators and psychologists write columns about difficult issues moms face on a daily basis.