What is effective discipline?

See Dana Entin, RN, MN, PNP's video on What is effective discipline?...
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What is effective discipline?

Effective discipline is like a perfectly balanced scale. On the one hand, you have the parent who has appropriate and realistic expectations of the children, very clear cut rules, they have values in place, they are comfortable with their child and being the parent. They are neither permissive or authoritarian parenting style. They are sort of somewhere in between. On the other hand of this scale, is the child, who is used to the parent being the rule maker. The child engages in appropriate testing of the rules, but it's appropriate. The child sees a lot of consistency. The child understands that there if follow through, and the child sees the values being modeled a lot. So this balance is really a win/win in discipline for both the parent and the child.

See Dana Entin, RN, MN, PNP's video on What is effective discipline?...


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Dana Entin, RN, MN, PNP

Parent Educator

Dana is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner who has been teaching parenting classes for the past 10 years. She understands that all families are unique, but believes that children thrive with healthy values, discipline, respect, and an environment where parents understand normal development and are open and excited about their role as a parent. Dana is a true advocate for children and parents alike. Today’s parents are inundated with blogs, books and boatloads of people telling them what to do.  Dana uses her advanced practice nursing background to help parents better understand research and information pertaining to parenting.

Dana has written many articles, lectures, and does private and small group consultations. She has completed a parent handbook on discipline and is currently working on a new book. 

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