Asperger's realization

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Asperger's realization

I came to realize my first-born son had Asperger's when we were first taking him to preschool and seeing how he reacted to his transitions from reading to art and things that were really drastic. And I was able to compare his reaction to many other children. And that's when I realized that he really had something that was much more than just a normal reaction. It's easier for me to look back now and see the things, even before school, where he shake his hands when he gets excited and shakes back and forth and does things that I just didn't notice then; it seemed like he was just a kid excited. But now when he jumps up and down and shakes his hands in a certain way, and how he really hyper-obsesses on things, he just hyper-focuses. Even when he was little, he hyper-focused on learning to speak. He spoke when he was two because he just so wanted to communicate; and I thought that was just he was brilliant and not that he was Asperger's. And he wanted to learn how to read, so he focused, he made himself learn how to read. He didn't sound out words; he memorized what each word said, he had them stuck in his brain. So what I thought was just brilliance was really these Asperger-like traits; they're still brilliant in my mind. But looking back, he definitely had many more Asperger traits than just the transitions.

See Ron Howell's video on Asperger's realization...


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