Proper application of female condoms

Health Educator, Minerva Cano, shares advice on the proper application and how to use female condoms in order to ensure their maximum effectiveness
How To Properly Use Female Condoms - Family Planning Advice
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Proper application of female condoms

The second type of viral method that can be used is the female condom. Female condoms, again for us as parents we do have a difficulty maybe talking about this, but it's very important that the your particularly know how to be able to protect themselves. This is a great method for girls if they do not, if their partner does not want to use a condom. It's important they learn how to use it. It does take a little bit of practice to be able to put this type of condom in. It protects a little bit more of the vulva. It's very helpful in preventing infection and pregnancy as well. So the way that this particular one is used; this is the F2 which is made out of nitro and we have another one which is made out of polyurethane, but F2 is the one that has become a little bit more popular. It comes very highly lubricated. It has an expiration date very similar to the male condom on it. When we open these particular packages we open them very gently and for our purposes I am going to show you one right here. This particular one has a ring inside of it. It's very similar to the vulva ring which is a method of birth control but it does not have hormones in it. It's used as an anchor inside the female condom. The way that it’s put it in to the female body is that we squeeze the ring that's inside the condom. This is the vaginal opening. It is inserted into the vaginal opening like so and with one or two fingers continue to push it through. You will cover more of the vulva so it adds a little bit more protection against different types of STD's. When the condom is inside we have to make sure that the ring is anchored behind the pelvis bone, okay. When penetration is going to occur it is important that the guide the penis into the center of the condom, because it is such a highly lubricated condom. Sometimes the penis can go to the side. Somebody of the partner needs to guide it in to the center. With the F2, the male can remain inside the female; they do not have to withdraw immediately after ejaculation. So if you want to cuddle and do other stuff that there is a possibility and once the male removes him from the female. All it has to be done is to do a couple of turns here and just pull it out and throw it into the trash. It is a onetime use only. We should never use the male condom and the female condom together. Use one or the other.

Health Educator, Minerva Cano, shares advice on the proper application and how to use female condoms in order to ensure their maximum effectiveness


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Minerva Cano

Health Educator

Minerva Cano has served as a Health Educator in the Parent and Adult Program at Planned Parenthood, Los Angeles since 2010. Prior to joining Planned Parenthood, Minerva directed an elementary school family resource center for 10 years. There she helped families obtain the necessary resources for their chlidren to excel in school. 

As a mother of two, Minerva understands the importance of parent-child communication, particularly in the area of sexuality, puberty and relationships. As a memeber of Planned Parenthood's Parent and Adult Health Education team, Minerva and her colleagues work every day to help parents gain the knowledge and confidence they need to engage their children in these important converstations. Through presentations in homes, schools, churches, temples and community oraginizations parents are taught how to answer their children's questions openly and honestly. 
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