Preventing HPV

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Preventing HPV

The Human Papilloma Virus, HPV, also known as genital warts, has many strains in it. There are about 100 different strains that live in the body. We are concerned with 40 of them that can cause a person to get cervical cancer. Many of the strains of HPV will clear up on their own. However, there are some that can stay inside the body and cause cervical cancer. It is an STD. The best way to prevent getting the STD is to use protection or abstinence. Condoms or latex barriers are the best way to protect, however, abstinence is the best way to protect. Another way that we can help our young children is they can give a vaccine. There is a vaccine they can get from age 9 to 12. It helps to prevent the strains that can cause cervical cancer. Those are the ways that we can help prevent HPV.
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See Minerva Cano's video on Preventing HPV...


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Minerva Cano

Health Educator

Minerva Cano has served as a Health Educator in the Parent and Adult Program at Planned Parenthood, Los Angeles since 2010. Prior to joining Planned Parenthood, Minerva directed an elementary school family resource center for 10 years. There she helped families obtain the necessary resources for their chlidren to excel in school. 

As a mother of two, Minerva understands the importance of parent-child communication, particularly in the area of sexuality, puberty and relationships. As a memeber of Planned Parenthood's Parent and Adult Health Education team, Minerva and her colleagues work every day to help parents gain the knowledge and confidence they need to engage their children in these important converstations. Through presentations in homes, schools, churches, temples and community oraginizations parents are taught how to answer their children's questions openly and honestly. 
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