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Meet Amanda Knickerbocker

Hi, my name is Amanda Knickerbocker and a wife of a Pediatrician, Peter. And mother to 2 kids, Caleb who is 3 and Charlotte who is 20 months. Charlotte was born on Feb of 2010, 4 months early, weighing 560 gms. or 1.2 lbs and measuring 11 inches. She stayed in NICU for 200 days before coming home to live with us. When she came home she had therapist and doctors appointments and medications and nursing schedules that we struggle to figure out and work out. But luckily we had a great support group that we have found through the blog that we started writing about Charlotte called Understanding Primaturity.Com. We started blogging about Charlotte when she was first born as a way of letting family and friends know what was going on with her so we wouldn't have to constantly be talking about it. But it turned into a place where other premature parent came to find support and where we were able to discuss our fears and our joys and our triumphs while we went to the NICU. We are so proud of both of our children for what they have done and what they have gone through and what beautiful, beautiful children they have become and I'm happy to be here to share that with you.
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See Amanda Knickerbocker's video on Meet Amanda Knickerbocker...


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Amanda Knickerbocker

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Amanda Knickerbocker is the wife of a pediatrician, and the mother of two children aged three and twenty months. When her daughter was born at 1.2 Pounds, 11 inches, spending 200 days in the NICU, Amanda began blogging about her family’s experience. She continues to offer support and community to parents of preemies at Understanding Prematurity. 

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