Bathing and diapering a preemie

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Bathing and diapering a preemie

Some of the things that you can do for your premature child while in the NICU are bathing and diapering your child. In the very first few days, your child is probably not going to need a bath, Most micro-preemies, their skin is too fragile to bathe in the early stages, and so the nurses will take care of any skin care that they have. But you can change their diaper from the first day, and that's something that you can participate in and that you can be involved in their care. You need to let the nurses know that that's something that you want to do. And you may find it a little overwhelming and slightly scary the first time you do it. The first time I changed Charlotte's diaper, my wedding ring could fit over her leg all the way up to her hip. So they're very tiny and you feel like you're going to break them. But the NICU nurses will tell you they're much tougher than they look and you are able to handle them, and they will be there to guide you through every step of changing their diaper. As they get older and spend more time in the NICU, you will be able to participate in their bathing routine and you'll be taking over more of their care, such as their mouth care and taking their temperature each day. And those are things that you should let the nurses know that you want to do. You should be talking to them about when it's appropriate for you to start taking over your child's daily cares.
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See Amanda Knickerbocker's video on Bathing and diapering a preemie...


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Amanda Knickerbocker is the wife of a pediatrician, and the mother of two children aged three and twenty months. When her daughter was born at 1.2 Pounds, 11 inches, spending 200 days in the NICU, Amanda began blogging about her family’s experience. She continues to offer support and community to parents of preemies at Understanding Prematurity. 

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