Preemies and Kangaroo Care

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Preemies and Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo care is something that is done in the NICU. It was actually discovered by some neonatologists in South America where they didn't have enough incubators to keep the babies warm. They would lay the babies on the mothers' chest and they found that actually skin-to-skin contact. There were better outcomes for the children. When you kangaroo care, you will strip the baby to the diaper, take your shirt off, and lay the baby on your chest so it's that skin-to-skin contact. They find that the babies have much better outcomes.

See Amanda Knickerbocker's video on Preemies and Kangaroo Care...


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Amanda Knickerbocker

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Amanda Knickerbocker is the wife of a pediatrician, and the mother of two children aged three and twenty months. When her daughter was born at 1.2 Pounds, 11 inches, spending 200 days in the NICU, Amanda began blogging about her family’s experience. She continues to offer support and community to parents of preemies at Understanding Prematurity. 

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