Donor breastmilk for preemies

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Donor breastmilk for preemies

There are many benefits to using donor breast milk while in the NICU. Often mothers have a very difficult time being able to produce milk, especially when their babies are born so prematurely, their bodies just aren't ready to produce that milk. Also, pumping exclusively can take an extremely large emotional toll on mothers. It's stressful and it's exhausting and some mothers may find that they just can't do it, in which case they need to decide to be there for their child and to be a full time mom instead of pumping all the time. If that is the case you can petition to have donor breast milk. Some NICU's use this routinely and others you may be the first time that they're asking for it. But you can ask for it. Insurance typically covers donor breast milk especially for micro-preemies. Breast milk has been found to be the only thing that can reduce your risk of necrotizing enterocolitis in a child. And so it is really important, especially in those first few months that a child, receives breast milk more than anything.

View Amanda Knickerbocker's video on Donor breastmilk for preemies...


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Amanda Knickerbocker is the wife of a pediatrician, and the mother of two children aged three and twenty months. When her daughter was born at 1.2 Pounds, 11 inches, spending 200 days in the NICU, Amanda began blogging about her family’s experience. She continues to offer support and community to parents of preemies at Understanding Prematurity. 

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