Public services for micro preemies

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Public services for micro preemies

There are many different services that you can qualify for with a micro preemie. First off, if you have a micro preemie in the hospital, any child born under 1,000 grams -- in some states 1,500 grams -- qualifies for social security disability. You can talk to the social worker in the NICU and see how you apply for that. Once you leave the NICU, your income is used as a guideline to see whether or not you still qualify for the social security benefits, but while in the NICU, there are no restrictions on income. Also, many states have medicaid waivers. Sometimes, a child automatically qualifies for medicaid, regardless of income. In other states, income is taken into account. Regardless of whether your state automatically gives medicaid or not, there are waivers that can be found, specifically, for children with CP or with other developmental needs. Regardless of your income, it can be waived and you can qualify for medicaid.

See Amanda Knickerbocker's video on Public services for micro preemies...


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