Meet Jamee Tenzer, PCC

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Meet Jamee Tenzer, PCC

My name is Jamee Tenzer. I'm a professional executive and life coach. I specialize in helping working moms optimize their lives at work, home, and play. I have 3 beautiful children and a great husband. And I also work for a trainer for coaches at the International Coach Academy. My favorite thing to do with my family is to have what we call a movie night, where we get take out and we find a movie that we all like to watch together, and we just sit around the five of us and watch it and eat our dinner. I'm an author. I just wrote a book on balancing work and family. And I love working with women.
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View Jamee Tenzer, PCC's video on Meet Jamee Tenzer, PCC...


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Jamee Tenzer, PCC

Parent Coach & Author

In 2002, Jamee Tenzer founded CMQ Coaching, a private practice with a focus on working mothers and female executives. She works with her clients to integrate their professional and personal lives in order to make their vision real in the workplace without giving up the experience they want at home.  She is also a trainer, mentor, author and small business coach. Her writing has been published in magazines, she is a contributor to numerous websites, writes a monthly newsletter “Coach Me Quick!” and manages “Executive Moms” on LinkedIn. In 2006, she co-authored, 101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life, and in April of 2012 she published her first Coach Me Quick!; Balance Your Work and Family Life with Less Stress and More Fun.

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