The transition from work to home

Watch Video: The transition from work to home by Jamee Tenzer, PCC, ...
The transition from work to home | Kids in the House
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The transition from work to home

Sometimes, especially when we go back to work; but really any time we have had a working situation. We come home. We've had a lot of stress in the workplace, we come home, and we can have that leak out onto our family by being tired and snappy. I think what needs to happen is a transition between work and home. For some women and men, they can just make that transition easily and let that office work go; but for some other people, you need to have a dedicated transition time. This means coming into your house and having a 15 minute transition time. Take that fifteen minutes and just have some quiet time. It might be a nice glass of wine. It might be a little walk around the neighborhood. It is whatever it is for you that let's you be in a bubble for a little bit, so that you can move out of one reality and move into the next reality.

Watch Video: The transition from work to home by Jamee Tenzer, PCC, ...


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Jamee Tenzer, PCC

Parent Coach & Author

In 2002, Jamee Tenzer founded CMQ Coaching, a private practice with a focus on working mothers and female executives. She works with her clients to integrate their professional and personal lives in order to make their vision real in the workplace without giving up the experience they want at home.  She is also a trainer, mentor, author and small business coach. Her writing has been published in magazines, she is a contributor to numerous websites, writes a monthly newsletter “Coach Me Quick!” and manages “Executive Moms” on LinkedIn. In 2006, she co-authored, 101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life, and in April of 2012 she published her first Coach Me Quick!; Balance Your Work and Family Life with Less Stress and More Fun.

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