How to make your teen a safe driver

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How to make your teen a safe driver

When you have a new teen driver in the house, I would say a few things. One is drive with your teen often. Drive with your teen until you feel completely comfortable with their ability to drive. I have been in many white knuckle car rides with my teenagers, and eventually they learned how to drive safely. The second thing I would say is if they are not ready to drive when they are 16, then you do not have to allow them to drive. Just because they are 16 does not mean that they need to be behind the wheel by themselves. It may take until a child is 17 to really be able to do that. So step in and use your parental obligation here and really wait until you feel that that child is safe driving. Another thing that we have done is there is a great organization called And what they do is they do one day seminars with kids where race car drivers drive with them and teach them strategies for really safe driving on slippery roads, on curves. And it is a fantastic organization. It is non profit. I highly recommend them. And the fourth thing is to contact your insurance agent and see if that person will have a conversation with your child and let them know what happens if you have an accident, what do you need to do, what information do you need to get because that is another adult that can kind of influence your child in terms of safe driving.

View Jamee Tenzer, PCC's video on How to make your teen a safe driver...


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