Meet Pamela Varady, PsyD

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Meet Pamela Varady, PsyD

I'm Dr. Pamela Varady and I'm a child and adult psychologist. I see individuals, couples, and entire families in my practice. I also teach parenting classes and I specialize in the sibling relationship. I'm passionate about the relationship and helping people have better sibling connections. I wrote a book called 15 Minutes to Sibling Harmony and it has lots of practical tools that you can use right away. In addition to my busy private practice, I help my husband and my sister who are both psychologists at Dynamic Learning and Listening Center which is a center that teaches emotional and social intelligence to families. As a psychologist, I also write a little bit. I teach and I lecture around the country. When I'm not working, what I really enjoy doing is hanging out with my 13-year-old twin boys and with my son, Dylan, I love to throw a ball around. He’s a real athlete. With Max, we just love making films and going to see art. My husband and I like praying scrabble. Of course, he always wins. I also like skiing with my entire family and camping with my family including over dozen nieces and nephews and what I really like to do – this is embarrassing – is sing karaoke.
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Watch Pamela Varady, PsyD's video on Meet Pamela Varady, PsyD...


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Pamela Varady, PsyD


Dr. Pamela Varady is a Child and Adult Psychologist and sought-after parenting expert. She has appeared as a relationship expert on NBC, Discovery Health Network, The Today Show and Fox TV.  Dr. Varady wrote a workbook, 15 Minutes To Sibling Harmony and conducts seminars and Purposeful Parenting Classes throughout Southern California. In addition, Dr. Varady operates Dynamic Learning and Listening Center for children with special needs with her husband, Dr. Jackson Varady and sister, Dr. Jennifer Glasser, who are also psychologists. Pamela lives in Santa Monica with her husband and 13 year old twin boys.



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