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Learn about: Golden Nugget from Pamela Varady, PsyD,...
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Golden Nugget

So here is my golden nugget for parenting siblings – don’t let a child hurt another child. Don’t let them hurt a sibling where the person is already vulnerable. It’s okay to say, “I don’t like your green shirt,” but it’s not okay to say, “You’re an idiot,” to someone who has dyslexia. Make sure you are distinguishing between feelings and actions, so your kids are learning it’s okay to feel like I can’t stand my brother today, but it’s not okay to hit him over the head with a toy. That is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence and it’s our job as parents to teach our kids to be emotionally intelligent, to have a smart heart.

Learn about: Golden Nugget from Pamela Varady, PsyD,...


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Pamela Varady, PsyD


Dr. Pamela Varady is a Child and Adult Psychologist and sought-after parenting expert. She has appeared as a relationship expert on NBC, Discovery Health Network, The Today Show and Fox TV.  Dr. Varady wrote a workbook, 15 Minutes To Sibling Harmony and conducts seminars and Purposeful Parenting Classes throughout Southern California. In addition, Dr. Varady operates Dynamic Learning and Listening Center for children with special needs with her husband, Dr. Jackson Varady and sister, Dr. Jennifer Glasser, who are also psychologists. Pamela lives in Santa Monica with her husband and 13 year old twin boys.



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