Funny family story

Pamela Varady, PsyD Psychologist, shares a funny story from her experience as a mother raising young twins
Parenting Multiples | A Mom's Funny Story About Her Twins
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Funny family story

I remember when my twin boys who are now 13 were about four years old. We have just flown from New York to Los Angeles and they were incredibly cranky. They were just terrors on that plane, crying and screaming and many diaper changes and getting up and getting down. And it was one of those flights that at the end of the flight, I turned around and I said to people if you were on the fence about whether or not you should have kids, I am so glad I helped you make that decision. So when I got off the plane and we went into a car where my father in law was picking us up, the kids were in separate twin car seats. When I got into the car, one of my kids had already calmed down. He was doing really well and so excited to see his grandpa who as driving us. But the other twin was still crying and kicking and screaming. And I kept on trying things. I tried saying ah, ah baby and soothing him. I tried even giving him a binky, which we were quitting at the time. I tried giving him a pretzel. Anything. I was desperate. And the twin who is doing well turns to me and says what kind of psychologist are you? You cannot even help your own kid. And my father in law said the funniest line. He said she is not licensed in New York.

Pamela Varady, PsyD Psychologist, shares a funny story from her experience as a mother raising young twins


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Pamela Varady, PsyD


Dr. Pamela Varady is a Child and Adult Psychologist and sought-after parenting expert. She has appeared as a relationship expert on NBC, Discovery Health Network, The Today Show and Fox TV.  Dr. Varady wrote a workbook, 15 Minutes To Sibling Harmony and conducts seminars and Purposeful Parenting Classes throughout Southern California. In addition, Dr. Varady operates Dynamic Learning and Listening Center for children with special needs with her husband, Dr. Jackson Varady and sister, Dr. Jennifer Glasser, who are also psychologists. Pamela lives in Santa Monica with her husband and 13 year old twin boys.



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