Should I spy on my child's online activities?

See Lori Getz, M.A.'s video on Should I spy on my child's online activities?...
Should I spy on my child's online activities? | Kids in the House
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Should I spy on my child's online activities?

I'm not a huge proponent of spying on kids. Usually, they know that we are looking, so they find ways around us. If we keep lines of communication open, we can talk to them about our expectations. That's going to let them know that we understand their digital world and we understand what it is that they are doing. When we spy, we tend to send them underground and we never want to do that. However, if you think your child is trouble, if they are withdrawn or secretive, if you know that there is something going on; then you do whatever you need to do to make sure they are safe. There is plenty of spyware out that you can look on Google and find. Know that, if your child is having trouble, you can get to the information you need.

See Lori Getz, M.A.'s video on Should I spy on my child's online activities?...


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Lori Getz, M.A.

Technology Expert

Since 2004 Lori has worked as an Instructional Technologist in Los Angeles, CA. She has a Master of Arts in Educational Technology from San Diego State University and is certified by as an Internet Safety Specialist. In September 2008 Lori founded Cyber Education Consultants and began speaking to students, parents, and educators about Internet safety, security and ethics.  Since that time Lori has reached out to Internet users across the world!  Her mission is simple- to help bridge the gap between a young generation of digital natives and their parents and teachers. 

Today, Cyber Education Consultants provides workshops, professional development and consulting services to more than 100 schools across the country.

Lori is an educator, mother, and Internet safety expert.  She has appeared on the "Dr. Phil Show," "Today," "HLN," “Dr. Drew” and several other local news and radio programs (including the Ryan Seacrest show on KIIS FM).  She often lectures live, speaking to parents, teachers and students. Lori has been published in several areas including as an online expert for and  Most recently was featured in Rachel Simmons’ new edition of “Odd Girl Out” and Lucie Hemmen’s, Ph.D “Parenting a Teen Girl.” She is currently working with the “I Have a Plan” series to develop a children’s book on online safety.  Her insight comes from both her professional and personal life working with children, tweens and teens.  


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