Pumping at work

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Pumping at work

I'll admit, I consider myself a 21st century woman, but the first time I had to walk into my office building toting my, very demure, black bag; which I new my pump was in, I was self-conscious. I had to get over it because it was for my baby and it is what I wanted to do. Honestly, my employer didn't have a problem with it. There were people all over my office that were taking breaks to chat on the telephone or have a cigarette. I was going to take my breaks to pump for my baby. The biggest thing I would say, though, as an advocate for pumping is make sure you know your rights, know how big your company is and what they are required to offer you by law. Nobody should be telling you that you should go sit in the bathroom stall to pump for your baby. The information that you need to make sure that you are getting treated fairly is readily available for you on your government website. Make sure you check it out and make sure you know what your employer is required to provide you. You should have no problem being able to do your job both as a mom and an employee.

Learn about: Pumping at work from Monica Gregory,...


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Monica Gregory


Monica Gregory is 30-something stay-at-home-mom whose journey to motherhood has been anything but smooth.  Seven pregnancies, two chemical pregnancies, one twin miscarriage, one VBAC stillbirth, two C-sections, and a total of 11 months on bedrest don't make her an expert on pregnancy or parenting, but they do make her passionate about her role as mother.  Before relocating from Ohio to Nashville, TN, for her husband's job, Monica was a commercial insurance agent. Today, she spends her days with Seth, three, Erin, one, and new baby James, sweeping up graham crackers, playing trains, blogging and cooking...all to the strains of Nick, Jr. in the background.

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