Creating a nutrition and fitness plan for a new mom

Watch Leah Segedie's video on Creating a nutrition and fitness plan for a new mom...
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Creating a nutrition and fitness plan for a new mom

What is it that professional dieticians do for the moms or new moms? Well we have to first of all consider whether that mom is breast feeding - if she is breast feeding, she is going to need a lot more calories and a lot more protein. And we also have to consider what her life is like right now. So what we try to do is to incorporate foods that they're already eating, but kind of freshen them up in a healthier way. so if they like mac and cheese, then we give them mac and cheese, but it's whole wheat and we put tomatoes in it and do some different things like that. But another thing we have to watch out for is that when we have moms that are over 200, 250, sometimes close to 300 pounds , their bodies are very very sensitive to blood sugar fluctuations. So if you've very sensitive blood sugar fluctuations, and that tends to happen the bigger you are - and I would know - you need do dumb down the sugar and the carbohydrates. And that's really what it is. And we give those moms plenty of fruits and vegetables, plenty of lean proteins, calcium and stuff like that. We just don't allow them to eat as much pizza, bread, pasta and stuff like that. And if you are a mom that is having a weight problem, it could be one or two things. It could be you eat too much food, essentially, and you are eating a lot of the wrong stuff, or you are not eating enough. And we've had a lot cases where we give the moms their plan, and what they need to eat and they are, like, how am I going to eat all this food. And the reason is that they starve themselves until about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and then they grab whatever it is, but it's probably not something that's good for them. It's probably something that's going to make their blood sugar spike. And so we try to get them to eat more during the day, and more foods that their body likes. Going to the source, like lean proteins and fruits and vegetables and dairy and stuff like that. Nuts. That's what we really try to do.

Watch Leah Segedie's video on Creating a nutrition and fitness plan for a new mom...


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