How one mom lost 170 pounds

Watch Video: How one mom lost 170 pounds by Leah Segedie, ...
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How one mom lost 170 pounds

So I had a turning point in my life, and it was my father was dying of cancer, and I was also pregnant with my first child. And I cared for my father every day. I actually quit my job to take care of him, and I was the person who was burdened with everything, and I held it together and I did that through eating, which is what I normally do when I’m upset. I’m an eater. When my baby was born, my father was still alive. He lived for three months to see his first grandchild. And then he passed away. And while I was pregnant, I didn’t feel pregnant. It didn’t dawn on me that I was bringing life. The only thing that was important to me was that life was being lost, and I felt that I was trading one thing for another. And then when my son was three months old, I looked into his eyes and it hit me that I was no longer a daughter; I was a mother. And this sense of burden was just incredible. And I thought to myself, “What do I want for my child?” And the only thing I could think of was that I didn’t want him to be overweight like I was. I didn’t want him to have to deal with being teased, being tormented in school and being overlooked for things. I didn’t want that for them. And I knew that I had to change to change his future. And that was really what it was about for me, and when I started, I had hip dysplasia, so when I was walking, every step hurt because my hips were just too messed up. So it was sheer force of will when I started, because it was like bone grating on bone and for the first ten minutes I’d be in tears walking around. But the first thing I did, I just cut out soda and started walking. And that’s how it started. And then that and just sheer will, adding more activity and learning more about activity and reading nutritional labels, that’s really what got me to a hundred pounds.

Watch Video: How one mom lost 170 pounds by Leah Segedie, ...


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Leah Segedie

Mamavation Creator

Leah Segedie is a fitness matriarch in the social media realm who helps “digital moms” learn and sustain healthy living practices to combat obesity. She has lost over 170 lbs. over two pregnancies and is an inspiration to women all over the Internet with her communities and

Leah has been recognized for several feats in her professional and personal life such as being named “Mom of the Year” by Shape Magazine, also being named the 4th most Influential Mommy Blogger by Cision Media, compared to Lady Gaga for her unique social media tactics in The Huffington Post, and Bookieboo being named a “Favorite Weight Loss Blog” by Fitness Magazine.  Leah has a master’s degree in Communication Management from the University of Southern California. She was also Commencement Speaker during her 2001 Graduation Ceremony at the University of Southern California when she received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication. She lives in Simi Valley, California with her husband and three young children.

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