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Parents Not Accepting a Transgender Child

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The classic, fundamental role of a parent is to support, love, and care for their child. For the most part, parents know this when they sign up for the role. But what happens when your child is not the little person you expected? What if they are not even the person they expected?

Raising a transgender child may not have been in your plan, but developmental and clinical psychologist Diane Ehrensaft, PhD., has some helpful tips for keeping your family happy, healthy, and connected.

1. Express Love

Communicate to your child that they are loved, supported, and accepted no matter what their gender identification may be. Your feelings are important, but remember that they are not the only ones involved. Your child may be struggling also– in a way you might not yet understand.

2. Seek mental health support

It’s important that parents have an experienced professional to speak to and gain support from. Even if you’re accepting of your child, there are bound to be situations that require guidance and an expert opinion.

3. Create Compromises

Bringing the whole family together for a discussion can help sort out everyone’s concerns and desires. If one parent is not accepting of their transgender child, find a way to meet in the middle. It can be helpful to decide on initial restrictions of where and when your child can express their true gender in order to help the parent acclimate to the change.

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