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10 creative gift ideas for kids


When getting gifts for kids you may be tempted to get the flashiest, brightest toy in the store. But before you hit the registry just yet, consider what kind of value the toy adds to the child's life.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your child, a niece or nephew, a friend’s child, we’ve got you covered.

Below is a list of cool, creative, and unique gift ideas and a few tips to help you along.

Why picking the right gift is important.

Consider choosing gifts for kids that will:

  • Enhance creativity. Art and building supplies are a great way to encourage creativity and boost self-confidence.

  • Improve cognitive skills. Toys and play allow children to learn problem-solving skills, develop symbolic thinking, and identify cause and effect.

  • Improve motor skills. Toys that children can pull, flip, spin, push, and turn will strengthen their fine motor skills and give them more control over their hands and wrists.

  • Generate a lifelong passion. Some personalized gifts for kids can help generate interest in music, art, science, and even travel.

Creative gift ideas for kids

To help you out, we have put together a list of fun and creative gift ideas that your child might like. Feel free to join in on the fun.  Enjoy!

  1. Jewelry making kit

If your kid loves dressing up and putting on delightful accessories, then this would be the perfect gift. Jewelry sets are fun and easy to use. 

They encourage creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Your kids get to learn new skills, brighten up their wardrobe, and even make gifts for others. 

Plus, you can help your child create cute, stylish pieces as part of your parent-child bonding activities. 

  1. Modern kitchen set

Young children learn through play and imitation. So they will often mimic you washing the vegetables or cutting up some orange slices. 

Play kitchen sets can be used to teach children;

  • Healthy food choices

  • Fine motor skills  

  • Independence 

  • Social skills 

  • Teamwork

  • Organization skills

  1. Design your own gift

If you notice that your child has an eye for design, you can help them take it to the next level. 

Printful is the perfect gift for creatives who would like to bring their design ideas to life

You can help your kids to create personalized t-shirts, hats, mugs, stickers, and much more. You can come up with fun family designs for your next outing. 

There are hundreds of designs to choose from and an assortment of themed shapes, patterns, background tools, clip art, and Getty images. But you have to be careful not to use copyrighted designs such as Disney characters. 

Printful could just be the creative spark your child needs.

  1. The gift of coding

Is your child interested in computers and how they work? You can reward them with the gift of coding. Simply, get them enrolled at CodeMonkey

CodeMonkey has created a fun, educational, game-based environment where kids can learn coding, collaboration, reasoning, computational thinking, and logic. 

The use of Game-based learning keeps kids actively involved in the process as they learn. Think about it this way; kids help game characters reach their destination or carry out tasks by coding. 

There are multiple courses designed to pique their interest as they learn. 

Help your kid improve their cognitive abilities and give them access to dozens of career opportunities. 

  1. Portable lego kit for toddlers

Legos have been around for ages and have helped millions of kids:

  • Enhance their imagination

  • Learn shapes and colors 

  • Build patience

Consider getting your child a portable lego set that they can take to preschool or their grandma’s during a visit. 

  1. Art supplies 

Art supplies continue to be a favorite when it comes to gifts for kids because of the fun, creative options they offer. Plus, learning art at a young age is beneficial in the long run. 

You can also get a painting kit that includes:

  • A couple of paint pallets 

  • An easel, 

  • A smock, 

  • Acrylics or water paints, and 

  • Multiple paintbrushes. 

  1. Journals and gel pens

The importance of journaling for kids cannot be overstated. It's a healthy way for kids to process their feelings, improve their writing skills, self-reflect, and communicate their ideas. 

While it may seem like a non-gift ❲more like a chore❳, you can always make it fun. Try to find fun journal designs that match the child's personality to keep them motivated. You can include more personalized gifts for kids such as gel pens to spice up the writing process. 

  1. Electric guitar set

If your child has an ear for music, this will make the perfect treat. An electric guitar will build on a child's musical knowledge and improve their discipline. 

Plus, there is the added joy of performing for friends and family during gatherings. As their musical skills grow, so will their confidence level. 

We would recommend this gift for kids above 13 years of age, because of the weight and the sharp steel strings.

  1. Science Kit

Science kits make great gifts for kids. 

They provide hands-on experience and provide visual ads to accompany complex principles. 

Science kits often cover several topics, from human anatomy and plants to electric units. 


  • Provide a safe and controlled learning experience. 

  • Stimulate ideas for projects. 

  • Allow kids to try out multiple experiments. 

  • Improve their grades.

  • Cultivate a curious scientific mindset. 

  1. Planetarium projector

Our last pick for our creative gift ideas for kids is a planetarium projector. You can add a bit of wonder into a child’s life by giving them a Planetarium projector.

Kids can learn about different star clusters and the heavenly bodies surrounding the earth. This gift can improve a child’s mental health by simply recreating the feeling of being under a starry night sky. Plus it widens their imagination and their concept of life in the universe itself. 

Tips for choosing the right gift

When getting gifts for kids, find something that brings long-term satisfaction. Here is what you should do:

  • Avoid the stereotypes. Consider what a child’s hobbies are and go from there.

  • Pick a gift out of the child’s wish list. 

  • Get gifts that children can share. Games such as board games foster a healthy sense of competition. 

  • Get a hands-on gift that requires active participation.  

Hopefully, our creative gift ideas for kids will help you secure a special place in the recipient’s heart. And if you have any gift ideas, you would like us to include, drop them in the comment section below.