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10 Ways to Spot a Fake Sugar Daddy

fake sugar daddy

Online dating is a great way to meet someone new and exciting, but there are some drawbacks. Scams happen every day online, especially on dating sites. One popular scam is the "Fake Sugar Daddy."

This usually involves a woman pretending to be looking for a serious relationship and/or marriage with a wealthy man so she can live happily ever after in luxury while not having to work herself. The intentions of these women range from money laundering to real romantic interest in the Sugar Daddies they meet online.

The people behind these scams usually have many different aliases and profiles set up for themselves across several different dating websites at once, which makes it easier for them to lie about who they are. It can be difficult to tell if someone you've never met before is lying or telling the truth, but there are things you can look for.

So, before you start on your journey to find a sugar daddy, you should learn how to spot a fake one. Here are 10 ways to do just that.

His Profile Pictures are Generic Images

People usually post pictures of themselves that either shows their faces clearly or pictures of them doing an activity they enjoy. However, if someone's profile pictures are all generic images like a sunset or a road sign, it could mean something.

If someone is a scammer, they would more than likely be using pictures from other people's profiles without their knowledge. If the photos are from Google images, you can do a reverse image search to see if that person has used those pictures as their own before.

Bad Grammar

If someone uses bad grammar in their dating profile, there is a good chance they aren't who they say they are. A college student isn't going to have a flawless command of the English language, but if every word in their profile has more than two mistakes, it doesn't look promising for them to be legitimate Sugar Daddies.

He Plays Up His Wealth

If he tells you how rich he is right off the bat or constantly brags about his expensive car/house/etc., then that should raise a red flag for you. People with wealth don't need to constantly rub it in other people's faces, so he might just be lying about his wealth to get what he wants.

He Claims to Be From Another Country

Although you can meet some great guys on online dating sites that are from another country, if the person you're talking with claims that they live there but then tells you they're currently staying in their home country for business, that could be a problem. If he claims to be from Europe or Asia and his profile says he's only visiting the U.S., then that would definitely mean something is off.

He Asks You to Wire Him Money

If someone asks for money by wire transfer, it usually means they never intend on meeting you in person or returning your investment. They might say they need the money because of an emergency or want to help out one of their family members with medical bills, but deep down, they don't actually care about you at all. It's very rare (and suspicious) for someone to ask for money like this online unless it's a scammer trying to make you fall for them.

He Asks You to Use a Prepaid Debit Card or Money Transfer Services

If someone wants to use a prepaid debit card or money transfer services, it might be wise to think twice about talking to them. This is another way for scammers to get your money without actually meeting you in person.

He Has Multiple Affiliations with Other Scams

If he claims he is from one place but mentions his affiliation with another scammer, that's definitely a red flag. This doesn't necessarily mean he's trying to scam you as well because some scammers do work together as affiliates of the same company, but if there are too many red flags surrounding him already then it would be smart not to take any chances.

He Says He Makes Six Figures but Doesn't Have a Job Listed on His Profile

This one is a little tricky because sometimes people are self-employed or work commission-only jobs, but if you see someone making six figures and they don't have any visible means of income listed on their profile, it's probably safe to assume something isn't adding up.

He Claims He Was in Your Area but Doesn't Want to Meet

Some scammers will claim they were actually in your area at one time just so that you believe anything else they tell you after that. If he says he was meeting other women in your area when he wasn't, then it could just be another lie to get what he wants out of you.

He Wants You to Change Your Location for Him…Right Away.

If someone asks you to move locations right away or changes their mind about meeting you after you tell them where you live, it could be because they're trying to avoid the law (and you) in case something goes wrong.


There's nothing more frustrating than finding out that someone isn't who they say they are.. These days, online dating sites are one of the best ways to meet Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies, but when it comes to using these services, stick with your gut if something seems off. If you come across any of these red flags when talking to someone, don't hesitate to block them so they can't contact you anymore.