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5 Best And Creative Gift Ideas For Kids In 2020

Creative Gift Ideas For Kids In 2020

In the search for something a little more specific? Seriously how tough is it to shop for your kids?  So what do you get your kids who pretty much have everything (already!)?  What’s even tougher is if you’re shopping for someone else’s children!  Don’t stress.  
When it comes to gifts, we oppress our brain to try and think of something unique, find something that’s not over-the-top, keep it amusing and stick in something practical.  It’s no easy feat.  So let’s tackle this together. From the hottest new toys out this year to old favourites from years past, shop our picks for the best gifts for kids.

Here are 5 Best Gift Ideas For kids:

  • The Hot Wheels Smart Id Race Track

Looking for some cool toys for kids? I guess you have all come across this name right? It’s a race track which you’ve never witnessed before!  Do you know, even Hot Wheels has gone digital, with their new “id’ line? 

This cunning track enables your kids to play digital challenges by the help of the app, organise more than 20 distinct race track configurations, and lot more. Kids are allowed to scan their cars—and race them. The application traces car performance too.  This set includes everything they require to get started, and furthermore two fancy Hot Wheels id cars.  

  • An Old School Instant Camera – For Those Who Love To Click Pics

What’s better than clicking snaps?  Getting them developed instantly! If your kid is pulling off successfully the 90’s vogue VSCO lady attire, wind up their look with the OG iPhone camera, a Fujifilm Instax Mini. 
This kit happens to contain all things your blooming photographer requires to generate old school instant photos, including a special selfie filter, film and attractive sticker borders. Tweens and teens will enjoy documenting each of their buffoonery on their new old-school insta camera. Let them grab their cute little camera now! 

  • Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet    

Now they don’t have to screw up your phone or tab with all their applications and games!  Check out the brand-new Fire HD 10 tablet with the remarkable kid-proof case (you are already aware how they can incline to damage things every now and then). 
You can go for this top-notch choice, only for children concerned of caring for their own tablet. A 10.1” 1080p Full HD display, 32 GB internal storage tablet, which will be ample space for them, with up to 10 hours of mixed-use battery life which can keep up with any screen-savvy kid. This tablet delivers books, videos, games and more, and also built-in parental controls make screen-time management easy.

Board Games And Building Games

  • Briarpatch I Spy Eagle Eye Find It - Game    

I guess you have frequently heard your kids crave to play ‘I Spy’ on long rides? Straightaway you can consider this version of the interminable game, with reference to the best-seller book range. It can be fun indoors family game night. 
Grab a card and track down an object from the card on the game board. There are eight distinct game boards, an outstanding perk for your own extent of pleasure. Children don’t require being capable to read to play this game, so it’s a good choice for children of different ages.

  • The Lego Interactive Haunted High School 

Sounds thrilling already? Well, LEGO is stepping inside the reciprocative amplified reality territory!  This +1,400 piece LEGO haunted house is extraordinary amusing to built and yet more exciting when it’s finished.  
You can download the free application and use your gadget inside the haunted house to search and hunt down hidden ghosts, uncover hints, unravel new mysteries, unleash the must-find ghost boss and much more! 

  • Dragon’s Revenge Thrill Coaster

Wake up the young engineer in you! The all-new Dragon’s Revenge Thrill Coaster is next level of engineering amusement. 
Kids can build their personal functioning roller coaster that offers a light-up coaster car, a drawbridge gateway, and a fierce dragon that flutter its wings. This K’nex creation will offer chills and delight for long hours.

  • The Monopoly “Voice Banking” Game

This electronic gameplay blended with conventional board game is inescapable! It’s one family-friendly must-have!  
Mr. Monopoly will play his part of a banker and you can click the button to guide him what to do and by electronic means he’ll move the payment into the proprietor’s account.  Isn’t it so cool?

  • My Geek Box - Monthly Kids Subscription Box

You have heard me right! Being geeky has no age limitations! Nowadays the kids are joining the monthly subscription box game. Just stop and check-out this coolest and prettiest thing that is apt for your darling little kiddos. 
Ok fine, even we adults are fond of it too!  Inside every box are meticulously arranged mystery filled with fun and educational goodies prepared such as toys, books, branded merch from their favourite movies, and more to engage and incite thrill to your girls & boys!    


Toy store shelves are loaded with the most astounding objects. There are interactional playthings that react to your kid’s sound and touch; surprise toys, which are fascinating to unlock and assemble and so on.

Hope we’ve successfully rounded up our favourite gift ideas for your munchkins! Your children will FREAK OUT when they unpack these stuff! HAPPY SHOPPING!