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5 Ways to Achieve More Energy-Efficient HVAC

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An HVAC system that contains heating, cooling, and ventilation systems consumes almost half of the total energy cost of your home. When it comes to purchasing a machine or device, energy efficiency is something you must primarily look for. Every house owner should emphasize the energy efficiency of every piece of equipment in their house. 

Many factors are involved in making an HVAC unit adequately energy-efficient. Check out five incredible ways in this article to achieve a more energy-efficient HVAC system that can significantly affect your electricity bills and power consumption. 

5 Ways to Achieve More Energy-efficient HVAC Systems

Change HVAC Filters Regularly 

If you want to ensure the energy efficiency of your HVAC system, emphasize the importance of changing air filters regularly. Overtly used HVAC systems get dirty quicker than they are supposed to. A dirty or clogged filter forces the HVAC unit to work harder to keep a balanced airflow throughout the house, consuming more energy. As a result, you have to pay more energy bills every month. Changing your HVAC filters on time will help the system function better and produce accurate airflow. 

Choose the Right Size HVAC System  

The right size of the system determines the energy efficiency of the HVAC system. You should avoid purchasing too-small systems that force the system to work harder to control airflow inside your house and too-big systems that consume more energy than usual. 

Ask for professional help if you are not knowledgeable enough to decide which system will be perfect for your space. Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating company offers quality residential HVAC services and guides them in choosing the right size HVAC system. 

Clean the Drain Line

Another thing you can do to achieve a more energy-efficient HVAC system is to clean the drain line. You must follow a simple process to keep the drain line clean by flashing a cup of chlorine bleach through the line and pouring a gallon of water to rinse the bleach.

Use Fans and Curtains

The components of an HVAC system are used during summer and winter to keep the house cool and warm. A fantastic way to increase the energy efficiency of the HVAC system is by using fans and curtains wisely during off-peak seasons. During summer, use your fans to circulate air throughout your home and keep the curtains closed not to prevent the summer heat from getting in. On the contrary, keep the curtains open during winter to let the sunshine in and keep your house so warm that you will not need to turn on the air-conditioner. 

Ensure Regular Maintenance

There is no alternative to regular maintenance of your HVAC system to ensure everything is functioning properly. If you ignore the importance of maintaining the system, you may end up investing in lots of troubleshooting problems. HVAC repair services are expensive, but proper system maintenance only requires a small investment and your gentle effort. 


The type of HVAC system you install in your house and the way you maintain it impacts the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. You should make some changes to your existing HVAC system to make it perform more efficiently and provide a better indoor atmosphere. You can easily make your HVAC system energy efficient with the help of regular HVAC maintenance services in NYC from reputable company like Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating.