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8 Crafty Ideas for Decorating a Kids' Bedroom

kids room decoration ideas

Bedroom decoration ideas for kids are always an interesting sight. Something about the child-like energy from these imaginative room design concepts touches our youthful hearts. On the other hand, seeing your kids enjoy their safe space is a touching moment for all parents. Their rooms are where they develop and spend most of their time playing. 

You should still consider that while room designs should always be crafty and visually pleasing, they should also be sturdy at the same time. You would not want your toddlers tearing off or destroying these decorations within a year or two. However, crafty and upcycled ornaments are also a great idea that promotes creativity and resourcefulness.

Kids bedroom decorations should always align with their interests. Moreover, it should also inspire their creativity. Kids who love the way their rooms look will most likely do everything to maintain that pleasing appearance. Here are some crafty ideas for parents who want to decorate their kid’s bedroom. 

  1. Wall Art From Your Child’s Drawings

Wall art ideas are great ways to give those bare surfaces a little life. However, most wall art paintings can be a bit expensive, depending on the design and size. Instead of spending a considerable sum on a decorative artwork (that your child might end up destroying after some time), you can try hanging their drawings instead. 

Wall frames and nails are cheaper to get and are available in most hardware stores. Use your child’s creativity as a bedroom decoration. This concept gives them a sense of accomplishment and shows that you acknowledge and respect their imaginative ideas. 

  1. Minimalistic Wall Painting 

This minimalistic wall design idea is simple and easy to do. You can do this with wall paint, a brush, and your chosen stencil. Choose from geometric shapes, such as triangles and squares that can contrast those white walls wonderfully. You can plan and experiment with different shapes and colors depending on your or your toddler’s preferences. 

You can also try graphic art such as typography painted on walls or graphical images and drawings. Wall painting is a flexible idea as you can try many different designs. Not to mention, paint is not too expensive, so you should be just fine if you are worried about this D.I.Y. project’s financial cost.

  1. Cute Storage Box or Baskets

Kids rooms always have one thing in common – toys, a lot of them. Improper storage of your children’s toys can cause untoward injuries. Piles of these scattered across the floor are also an eyesore to view. But you can avoid these problems with some cute storage baskets that can double as a bedroom decoration. 

  1. D.I.Y. Headboard Using Old T-Shirts

Own clothes that no longer fit? This DIY project should be the perfect solution. Turn your old clothes into a unique headboard for your child’s room. Make use of those old t-shirts that your kids no longer use to showcase their personality and style. This project requires only a few materials and is easy to do but yields a stylish result.  

  1. Explore Timeless Color Palettes

Although rainbows and random splashes of color are popular concepts in room design for children, a structured color palette can create a similarly beautiful but modified ambiance. For example, in choosing color tones for a nursery, it’s best to go with light color schemes to create a calming effect.

A mix of coral and turquoise should blend in just beautifully with those white walls. Choose from a variety of chic color palettes that will seem appropriate in every year of their growth. Have these colors painted in patterns or look for aspect wall stickers. These stickers are a great addition to your wall design.

  1.  Have a Reading Nook or Personal Corner

Even though your kid’s room is their personal space, designating a smaller area for a particular task is still a great idea. This concept encourages them to finish other tasks and remain organized with their daily routines. For example, even though your kids prefer to play all day in their rooms, designating a reading nook can coax them into doing their daily readings. 

Set a comfortable area for work, such as a study table or reading corner. Assigning a distinct corner for a specific set of assignments can help them manage their time wisely. They are sure to remember that they still have some homework to finish up or books left unread. 

  1. Blackboard on Walls

Boost your child’s creativity with this blackboard idea. Install large blackboards on a portion of your kid’s bedroom wall and watch how they create different artworks from time to time. Stop scrubbing crayon marks on your freshly painted walls by letting them use a blackboard instead. Just make sure that they know only to draw on that area and not anywhere else. 

Help them unleash their inner artists by widening the limits. Giving them a huge canvas to work on is a great activity to help develop their skills. It is also easy to change from time to time, and you do not have to worry about them making permanent and unwanted marks on your pristine walls. 

  1. Using Skateboards As A Wall Art

As mentioned, room designs should always align with your kid’s hobbies and interests. If you have a tween interested in skateboarding, this just might be the perfect concept for his or her room. Of course, use old or recycled skateboards for this project. You would not want to spend a considerable amount on a new one just to tear it apart. 

Old skateboards are available in some junk shops or online stores. These are available for recycling or DIY projects. Broken skateboards can serve a whole new purpose in giving your kid’s room personality and dimension. Try tweaking with its color, shape, and design to incorporate it naturally in your child’s bedroom.

Clear your schedules, and let’s start creating your kid’s dream bedroom. These DIY room projects can clear you of your stress from work and awaken the inner child inside. Spend time with your children in making their rooms their favorite part of the house.