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8 Non-Traditional Gifts to Give a New Mom


Shopping for other people can be a difficult task in itself. Many new moms tend to get the same gifts, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, you can get her something functional and practical to adjust to parenthood. Parents typically have enough onesies and bottles since it is a go-to gift at baby showers. You might wonder what kind of gift you can give her to stand out. While traditional gifts are always appreciated, many others can help make a mom's life easier.

Here are eight non-traditional gifts to give a new mom.

1. Meal Delivery Service

New moms spend most of their days taking care of their newborns. Finding time to make a healthy and nutritious meal for herself can be challenging. A meal delivery service can be a lifesaver when new mothers adjust to life for the first few weeks. You can order a one-time delivery or sign up for a subscription that will continue delivering meals consistently. If the new mom has any dietary needs, you can find one that fits her preferences since there are so many plans to choose from.

Nutrition is important for moms before and after their babies are born. If they are breastfeeding, they should be getting at least 2,000 calories a day. Find healthy meal delivery options to ensure the new mom gets all her essential nutrients.

2. House Cleaning Service

Cleaning is another challenge a new mother can face with a new baby in the house. Keeping up with the house and cleaning can be daunting after spending the day looking after another tiny human. Give the gift of a professional house cleaning service. Decide whether you want to gift a one-time cleaning or arrange for several appointments for them to tidy up the house.

3. Postpartum Care Package

The majority of the focus is on preparing for the baby’s arrival when a woman is pregnant. It is essential to pay attention to the mother's needs as well. In a care package, you can include soothing teas, comfortable clothing, a breastfeeding pillow and other items to help the mother during this time.

Aside from functional gifts, you can get something sentimental too. Pair the postpartum care package with flowers to show your congratulations on the new baby. Try finding a bouquet of blue hydrangeas with white roses for a boy or peonies and carnations for a baby girl.

4. Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry can be a meaningful and lasting gift for a new mom. Consider getting a necklace or bracelet with the baby's name or birthdate engraved. You can even find rings or necklaces with the baby’s birthstone too. No matter which piece of jewelry you decide, it will surely put a smile on the mother's face.

5. Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a lifesaver for a mom who needs her hands free but wants her baby by her side. There are many carriers to choose from, like structured wraps and slings. Think about the mom's lifestyle you are getting it for and choose depending on that. She might even have a personal preference that you can investigate by asking questions. She will surely appreciate this gift when she needs to get things done.

6. Personalized Photo Book

A meaningful and beautiful gift is a personalized photo book with pictures of the new mom and her baby. This gift can be given later after the baby is born so you can document important moments and precious memories to keep forever in the photo book. Many online services make it easier to create and order custom books.

If you don’t want to do it online, you can make it scrapbook style by printing out the photos on your own and using a photo album to store the pictures.

7. Spa Day

After some time of taking care of the little one, the mom may need some much-needed time to herself. A spa day is a relaxing and rejuvenating gift that they can get massages, facials and more spa treatments for a relaxing time. It can be hard for a new mom to find time for herself, so gifting her some time to get out of the house and relax is a great option.

8. Sleep Mask and Headphones

When she can take a break, she needs some well-deserved rest. Sleep is precious for moms and can be hard to come by with a newborn. A sleep mask is a thoughtful gift since it can block out the sun for quality rest at any time of the day.

Headphones are another great option since noise in or outside the house can disrupt sleep. When the baby is being cared for, headphones will block out noises that can disturb sleep.

Give a Unique Gift

These are great options to consider when searching for the perfect gift for a new mom. No matter what route you take, it is sure to put a smile on her face for such a thoughtful gift.