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8 Pandemic-Friendly Activities for the Whole Family

family hike

The current coronavirus pandemic has dramatically affected the lives of everyone in the country for the last six months. While you may not be able to attend large gatherings safely, there are still plenty of ways to have fun right now. Getting outside and keeping everyone entertained is the only way you will be able to maintain your sanity. These are the eight best activities the whole family can safely enjoy during the pandemic. 

#1: Camping

There is no better way to experience the beauty of nature than spending a few days sleeping outside while camping. Since camping is generally done in a remote setting, you do not have to worry about coming into contact with other people. Campsites around the country are open for business right now, but you can also choose to find your own spot in the woods. Keep the kids entertained by going fishing, roasting food on an open fire, and telling ghost stories at night. 

#2: Go On A Hike

If you do not have the time to spend a few days camping, then you can still get a good look at the beauty of the world by going on a hike. Since this has become such a popular hobby over the years, it should not be too hard to find a picturesque trail near your house. It is best to make sure the trail is not too steep or too long if you plan on taking the kids. You will also want to make sure to give plenty of space to other hikers if you happen to see them. 

#3: Play Board Games 

Playing board games is a great way for the family to have some fun together inside the house. There is nothing quite like the nostalgic feeling of pulling out a classic board game. This lets you create the same memories with your kids that you had with your parents. If you cannot find any games around the house, then there are plenty of places to order them online. 

#4: Backyard Obstacle Course

There is probably a very good chance that your kids are going a little stir crazy right now. They have a lot of unused energy stored up from the last few months. Help them expel this energy by setting up an obstacle course in the backyard. Time the kids every time they attempt the course to see who can do it the fastest. Give them a good laugh by taking a run at the course too. 

#5: Bicycling Around Town

We have been stuck in the house for so long that a trip around the block seems like a big adventure. Bicycling is easily the best way to venture around the neighborhood with the whole family. Make the trip even more special for the kids by stopping for ice cream, donuts or another delicious treat during the ride. Although the summer saw many bike shops (and manufacturers) sold out of budget-friendly bikes, you should have an easier time finding both kids bikes and adult bikes now that the peak season is over. 

#6: Swimming At Home

Swimming is easily one of the most popular summer activities for both adults and children. With local swimming pools closed throughout the country, it has been much harder to enjoy this fun activity with the family. If you do not want to miss out on your time in the water this year, then you will need to add an above ground pool to the backyard. This will give you the same great experience without having to deal with large obnoxious crowds ever again. 

#7: Family Movie Night

There is just something special about having the whole family sitting in the living room together watching a movie. These shared experiences are often taken for granted, so it is important to enjoy them while you can. Let everyone take a turn picking a movie by making this a weekly occurrence. Make it feel like a trip to the theater by having fresh popcorn and other snacks available for everyone. 

#8 Picnic In The Park 

The local park is the ideal spot to take the whole family during a pandemic because it gets everyone out of the house in a wide-open environment. There is so much open space in the park that you do not have to worry about it getting crowded with other people. Make the most out of your trip to the park by having an old-fashioned picnic with the family.