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Best Bike for Kids and Adults


Hearing the word tricycle, many people probably imagine a bike for little children who are learning to ride it. But today, adults can enjoy using trikes too. Children's tricycles stand out with a very simple design – with pedals on the front wheel, two wheels on the rear axle, bright colors and the absence of brake system.

With a more complex design, a 3 wheel adult bike includes all the components commonly found in ordinary bicycles: brake system, chain drive, the possibility of mounting a multi-speed transmission, etc. Moreover, there are a lot of varieties among adult trikes: cargo, a bicycle with a sidecar, folding, tandem, chopper.

Children's Tricycles

A tricycle with a handle is a means of transportation for the smallest children aged from 1 to 3 years, additionally equipped with a special handle in the back (with which the parent can control the movement of the bicycle or even use the bike as a stroller if the child is tired to pedal). The main pros of three-wheeled children's bikes with a parental handle are the ability to fully control the movement of the bike, as well as increased safety and comfort for the child.

The main advantage of a tricycle is that the child can ride independently being completely safe. Without outside help, the kid will feel like a full-fledged driver of a vehicle. So, the child will ride with pride and double enthusiasm.

Bikes for Adults

These devices can support not only the weight of the driver but also a decent load transported from one place to another. Adult tricycles on can be used:

On the street where it will be a good alternative to a taxi.

In a spacious storage room. There, it can easily cope with the transportation of the products.

In a large shopping center, where it can replace the cart or serve as a place for advertising.

There are many ways to use this bike. In each of them, the owner will appreciate the indisputable advantages of the mechanism, among which it is worth highlighting:

  • its size;
  • multifunctionality;
  • durability;
  • resistance to different weather conditions;
  • minimum costs required for maintenance.

It is worth adding that the bike can be easily turned into a trike, equipped it with an electric drive. So you could reach the destination a lot faster and also not have to pedal and waste a lot of energy.

Buying a Tricycle Instead of a Car: What is the Benefit?

Many folks dream of buying adult tricycles because they are convenient to use: you can enjoy rides in both urban and rural setting, maneuverability is much better than in an ordinary car, especially on tight city roads, and they save you a lot of gas money not to mention health benefits. 

  • Much more compact than a car. If you plan to purchase a garage, you can save on it, because you need a small room: the bike does not take up much space.
  • You can travel long distances. By turning the pedal powered bike into an electric bike, thus minimizing the difference with car transportation. 
  • No gas or any other fuel is required. This is not just about saving you money but also a huge benefit for the environment.

Why Is a Tricycle Better than Usual Bike

When choosing between an ordinary bike and one of the tricycle models, you should choose the latter, because it is much more versitile. Transportation of building materials during repairs, shopping, assistance in farming – this is just a small list of cases when a tricycle is useful.

Ease of operation, minimalist design, comfortable seating – all these contribute to enjoyment when going for a ride. The applications are endless including commercial use. Consider one for business use, if not for moving goods then for enjoyment of employees!