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Best Tools To Send Your Child Off To School With

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The idea of going to school for the first time can vary for students of different ages. For college students, they look forward to the various social activities on campus. For younger students, on the other hand, going to school means sitting all day in class. How do you make going to school an enjoyable experience for your child?

In the past, sending your child off to school means wandering through stores for an almost endless shopping of erasers, folders, and dozens of notebooks. Today, it may not be new to you that the tools your child needs are all about technology, precisely the portable kinds of technology. The same holds no matter what level your child currently is in their educational journey.

Some of the essential decisions you’ll have to make concerning the technological tools they’ll use in their studies include whether to buy a laptop or tablet, choosing between android or iPhone for their smartphones, and picking up a cloud-based device or a flash drive for their file storage.

Whatever going to school means for you or your child, here are a few technological tools designed to help students make the transition a bit more comfortable.

Word Counter Apps

Help your child to not worry about text limits when working on their school assignments with a word counter app. Most professors and teachers, if not all, require a page limit when they give their students some paper works and going over the border means a lower grade for your child. Thankfully, word counter apps can tell your student the number of pages, characters, and words are in their essays. It helps them avoid upsetting their professors or teachers.

Some word counter apps can also help your student avoid including redundant phrases on their paperwork for better results. Chances are your child’s teacher won’t like to receive long-winded essays that keep on saying the same thing over and over again, and that’s something you can avoid with the help of a word counter application. If the work of your student stays within the limit, it becomes short and to the point, making it easier for their professor to read and understand their ideas.

Homework Tracking Apps

It doesn’t matter if your child is still at pre-school, grade school, high school, or even college; they need to track their homework effectively. And one way to help them to do it is to purchase a homework tracking app for them.

A homework tracking app works the same way as list-making and task management apps, helping students to keep track of their various assignments every day. Such a tool also allows your child to sort tasks based on their subject and include teacher instructions to each assignment record.

E-Book Reader

ebook reader

The technology is advancing to a point where printed books are no longer mainstream. More and more people now prefer electronic books or e-books because of the level of comfort they provide. It’s the reason why you have to buy an e-book reader software or app for your child. It allows them to read anywhere and everywhere. The good thing about e-book readers is that they also allow students to highlight passages and take notes.

Many books are now free in digital formats, which means that it’s now possible to save money on textbooks by downloading them, especially if your child is a voracious reader or if they have a demanding school. An e-book reader can help your child prepare for tests and exams, or if they’re already on their way to college, it can help them review for the ACT and get admitted by their preferred higher education institution.

Tablet PC

A tablet PC only costs a few hundred dollars, but it can deliver countless learning tools to your child as they go to school for the first time. One bonus is that a tablet PC comes with a slick design, so it should appeal to your student easily. No matter which subjects your child struggles with, your child can always go through learning resources using a tablet. All the software and apps mentioned above can work in a tablet PC, so it could also be a key for your child to unlock better grades.


The new generation of learners has been exposed to technology, from nearly your womb onward. The twenty-first educators have also started to use technology for better delivery of their lessons. A quarter of the world’s population has computers at home, and almost all people have access to the internet - take note that this number grows in each passing year!

School life can be stressful for many students, but seeing them excel will always be rewarding for parents. You only need the right tools when sending your child off to school, and things will be much easier.