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Cute Birthday Present Ideas for Babies in 2020

present ideas for babies 2020

Getting gifts for babies can be a challenge, particularly if you’ve run low on inspiration after having to cater to a cavalcade of youngsters in your family and social circle.
This quick guide should point you in the direction of cute, cool presents that babies will love and parents will appreciate this year.

Consider luxury gifts

Getting luxurious gifts for newborns might seem a bit opulent, but the quality of the brand and product you buy can make a big difference in terms of its longevity. If you want to buy something that the little one will be able to treasure for years to come, luxury gifts are a great option.

You can even get amazing luxury gift boxes that are personalised to include the name of the lucky recipient, while featuring several products in one such as a stuffed toy, a story book and some handmade clothing that will make them look picture-perfect.

Active toys are always a hit

In terms of the best toys for babies, the most successful of the bunch tend to be those that engage their minds and their bodies, encouraging physical activity as well as problem-solving.

There are a whole host of walkers, including the Fisher-Prize Learn with Me Zebra that is ideal for babies that are just getting into their toddling phase and need a bit of support and entertainment to keep them happy. Other brands like VTech also compete in this market segment, so check for pricing and offers to get a good deal.

Musical gifts can inspire and engage

Babies love to grip and shake almost anything they can get their hands on, and they will also be able to get hours of fun out of gifts that embrace this while producing sounds at the same time.

The musical egg shaker range from Skip Hop is a great example of this, using cute animal designs to catch the eye of kids and give them all the more reason to shake, create and collaborate.

Cute toys that teach tidying can pay dividends

Whichever way you look at it, babies can create quite the mess when they start to get into a serious session of play, so why not buy a birthday present that ties in with the compulsion to spill items everywhere?

So-called fill-and-spill style toys are particularly popular because they tap into the kinds of actions and activities that one year olds will be embracing at this stage of their development. The concept is simple; the toy consists of a host of cute, cuddly items and a container in which they sit. The baby can empty and fill the container at their own speed, while learning a valuable lesson.

Rocking toys are an absolute classic

The rocking horse has been a staple of the child’s gift market for centuries, and modern versions are more varied and high quality than ever. Brands like Little Tikes had cost-effective options in this niche which will keep kids rocking and rolling from their first birthday onwards.