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Fun Games & Activities To Build Self-Confidence In Your Kid

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Low self-esteem can hinder a child’s mental growth. Games like Geocaching, Campfire Circle, Tell Tale Card Game, and some bonding activities will raise it.

There are many kids who suffer from low self-esteem. It could be because of their surrounding environment or because they have faced difficult situations in the past. As their mind is not completely developed, they take these situations seriously and have negative thoughts about themselves.

Playing Bubble Shooter can significantly enhance strategic thinking and precision, offering a delightful way to boost problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. In this engaging game, players aim and shoot to match colors, clear bubbles, and advance through levels, each presenting unique challenges and requiring quick thinking and adaptation. The satisfaction of hitting the perfect shot and the excitement of advancing to higher levels foster a sense of achievement and confidence. As players progress, they refine their tactics and learn to anticipate patterns, translating into improved strategic planning and decision-making abilities in everyday life.

Kids who have ADHD or who have any learning disabilities suffer more from low self-esteem. They constantly get negative comments and criticism because of their disabilities. When they go through those negative criticisms, they feel bad and think that they are inferior to others. To make this to be a normal situation you can provide your child the php for teens. So it is very important to cheer them up all the time. This is expected from the people who are close to them.

Here is a list of a few games that you can play with these kids and some other activities you can do to build your self-esteem

You can find so many fun activities now, from virtual team building games to classic scavenger hunts. Keeping your child occupied with fun engaging activities can help them to develop valuable skills and grow self-confidence in their own abilities. Here are some activities we recommend.

1. Games For Building Self Esteem

Playing games is always a viable way to help the child have fun, and learn something new. There are even fun games that boost self-esteem and here is a list of the most popular ones-

1. Solitaire

Playing Solitaire is excellent for building confidence as it challenges players to make strategic decisions independently, providing a sense of achievement with each game won. The game's nature, requiring the sorting of cards in a specific order through problem-solving and planning, sharpens cognitive abilities and enhances one’s capacity to tackle complex tasks. Over time, the joy of small victories and the development of strategies instill a greater sense of self-confidence and problem-solving skills in everyday life.

2. Geocaching

This can easily be played without any heavy equipment. Just a smartphone will be enough. However, playing this requires some planning, but that part is also easy. There are millions of geocaches spread across 190 countries.

Access the geocaching website and hunt for the geocache that are near your location.

The thrill of the hunt, the satisfaction of accomplishment, and the joy of finding a treasure will help build up their confidence so they feel good about themselves.

3. Catch The Compliment

This is another easy way to play games, and this does not even require any pre-planning. At least three people are needed to play this game, the more the merrier.

The players stand in a circle and one person will have the ball. He or she will throw the ball to a random person and must say something positive about the one who catches the ball. This can be a compliment, something the person who caught the ball is good at, or a general praise.

4. Rolling In Admiration

This works somewhat similar to Catch The Compliment. Just like Catch The Compliment, it needs at least three players, but the more players there are, the better experience everyone will have.

All the players sit in a circle. Then, one person rolls the dice. Whichever number appears on the dice, the person has to say that many positive characteristics about the person next to them. Then the next person will take the dice and do the same.

5. Campfire Circle

This one is very different from the rest because it will bring you and your kid outdoors. Sometimes outdoor experiences are much better than video games.

Campfire circle is also massively popular for any family that goes out for a picnic. At night time, they set up a campfire outside their tents and sit around the campfire.

Now, everyone sitting around the campfire will tell a story. They will tell stories from their life, or something they heard or saw somewhere. There are no limitations so anyone can say anything as long as there is a positive environment.

This will allow the child suffering from low self-esteem to open up to others. And sometimes, this opening up is all that matters.

6. Scavenger Hunt

This is similar to a campfire circle but has an even more interesting concept. Those who are participating must go around the campsite and find three objects.

After collecting, they will bring their items to the campsite. Now, each of them will make up a story that includes the three items of the person sitting next to them. Meaning, they will tell a story about the three items, but not their own items.

This will increase their thinking capacity and they will have fun hearing and telling these interesting made-up stories. As they enjoy themselves, they will come to feel that they are not inferior to others, and this will help build up their confidence.

7. TellTale Card Game

This interesting game also revolves around story building. First, you need to buy a telltale card pack that contains a wide variety of cards, about 120. Each card has a separate scenario set to it. Some have characters in it while others have plot building materials.

The players will get a card at random and they must make up a story that matches with the card they have.

The next person will continue the story from there and add to it according to the card they have. This is also a very fun game that not only kids, but grown-ups can enjoy too.

This can be an amazing game to build bonds between grownups and kids. The kids can learn many things that can help to build their mental strength.

8. Totika

Totika has taken the working functionality of the famous Jenga game, but has added self-esteem building material to it. There are a lot of colourful wooden pieces that the players take out, just like Jenga.

But, there is also a card that corresponds to the colours. So, if someone pulls out a blue-coloured piece, they must answer something that is written in one of the blue coloured cards.

The questions of the cards are written and designed in a way that promotes self-esteem. Answering these questions helps the kids learn more about themselves. This promotes more faith in themselves, thus increasing their confidence.

9. Totem

This is a card-based conversation building game. In a totem game box, there are about 80 cards and each have a specified strength written on them. These cards are linked to each other.

Each player is given a set of cards. One person will now become the dealer and one will become the focus. The dealer will select the cards that best represent the person in the focus seat. The dealer will also explain why they thought those strengths suit the focus person.

Now, the rest of the players will select one combination from those cards and that combination will be the focus person’s totem. The game will go on till everyone gets their totem.


Other Activities That Can Help Boost Self Esteem


1. Let Them Help You In Your Work

Children who suffer from low self-esteem feel bad about themselves and think that they cannot do anything. If you call them and ask them for their help, they will feel that they are being valued. They will put their heart and soul to aid you in your work.

And no matter what they do, whether it is really good or something that you did not want, always praise them for trying. Teach them that trying is as important as succeeding. To be good at something they must try it out first.

2. Let Them Do What They Are Good At

A little kid always has something that he/she genuinely enjoys doing. It may be reading books, drawing, playing video games, or watching a movie. When they are into those activities, spend time with them.

Talk with them about what they are doing. Let them talk about their favourite topic to you. This will build trust and bond. They will feel comforted and in return, this can help build their self-esteem.

Encourage them to do what they genuinely enjoy and help them learn new activities like painting, sports, astronomy and so on

3. Do Not Over Praise

We have talked a lot about praising your children, but there should also be a limit to it. Over praising your children will do more damage to the mentality of your child. He/She will begin to think that they are “too good” and they can do anything.

They will start to be arrogant and will take unhealthy risks thinking that they can do it.

4. Allow Them To make Their Own Decision

The kid will one day grow up to be a man and will make decisions for himself. But he will not learn how to make those decisions if he is not allowed to do so for himself when he is still a kid. Therefore you should let your kid make his own decision.

But these decisions must always be appropriate for his age. Decisions like what to wear, what cereal to eat, which fried food should they order, allow them to make those by themselves.

5. Encourage Them In Their Life Goals

Being a kid is fun because they have a wide variety of dreams. One day they want to become a doctor, the next day he will want to be a chef.

You must know that he is not grown enough to take a steady goal. So no matter what he is choosing, you should praise them and encourage them in their life goals.

Final Thoughts

Depression and Self Loathing may look like something that affects the young adults, but kids can suffer from it too. A low self-esteem can ruin their confidence level and they will start to loathe themselves. But, if you take the steps listed here, you will be able to build the kid’s self-esteem and help him grow into a fine adult.