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How to Get Pregnant With Twins

Pregnant With Twins

Many women, who want to have two children, while willing to experience the pain during the childbirth only once, wonder: how to get pregnant with twins, and what to do for it?

Let's try to understand this issue, having considered the existing methods for predicting multiple pregnancy.



How does the conception of twins occur?

For a start, it is necessary, referring to the basics of embryology, to understand: how does the conception of monozygous twins (identical) and dizygotic (fraternal), not similar to each other twins occur, and what is the difference between these two terms. So, depending on how many eggs were used during fertilization, there are: identical twins and fraternal twins.

Identical twins: In this case, the development of the embryo occurs from a single female egg cell. This multi-nuclear egg is fertilized by several sperm cells. Also, identical twins can also form when the fetal egg is divided into two parts. As a result, during the development process, a separate embryo is formed from each part. Identical twins grow together. They share a common outer organic shells and one placenta. In addition, oxygen and nutrients from the mother’s blood are transferred across the placenta to both fetuses. Due to related genetics, babies are often of the same sex and are similar to each other.

Fraternal twins (dizygotic) are born into the world as a result of the simultaneous fertilization of several eggs with different mature motile male sex cells. In addition, each fetus has its own shell, its own blood circulatory system, and a separate placenta. Due to differences in the set of chromosomes, children often have different genders (they can be of the same-sex though), and their physical appearances are different.

Talking about how the conception of twins occurs, fertility specialists draw the attention of potential mothers to the peculiarities of the fertilization process. When two babies are conceived, two eggs are fertilized at once. In some cases, superovulation occurs in the female body, when several eggs simultaneously mature and leave the follicles. With their simultaneous fertilization and successful further implantation, multiple pregnancy develops. As a result of these processes twins are born.

What are the chances of getting pregnant with twins?

Not a single reproductive embryologist will be able to accurately answer this particular question or predict exactly the probability of a multiple pregnancy. But at the same time, physicians in internal medicine notice that there are several factors that affect the ability of a woman to get pregnant with twins.

The first one and the most important is the age of a woman. It has been established that women after thirty-five years have superovulation more often. This is due to the increased level of synthesis of sex hormones. Because of this, the chance of becoming pregnant with twins is higher for such women.

In addition, the hereditary factor is of great importance. If there are twins in the family, then there is a possibility of the birth of twins again. However, the probability of becoming pregnant with twins decreases as the generation of ancestors who had twins lived long time ago. There is a tendency that twins always skip the generation. It should be borne in mind that the ability to conceive twins is passed on exclusively through the female line.

Is it possible to intentionally conceive twins?

Conception of monozygous and dizygotic twins can be predicted sometimes. For this, a woman is recommended to visit the family planning center. In a medical institution, doctors conduct a complete collection of information, starting with the heredity of the potential mother and ending with her comprehensive medical examination. According to the results of tests and studies, the woman receives specific recommendations on how to become pregnant with twins, learns the favorable time for conceiving twins. In addition, in vitro fertilization IVF is always an option.

How to get pregnant with twins naturally?

Thinking about how to become pregnant with twins, potential mothers begin to search for an effective method of guaranteed conception of twins. However, it is necessary to take into account that each organism is unique; therefore just the theoretical knowledge of how to become pregnant with twins is not enough.

In order for the conception of twins, it is often necessary to resort to the help of geneticists. A comprehensive examination of a woman in specialized centers helps establish the possibility of conceiving twins and gives specific recommendations for conceiving twins.

In general, such recommendations include the following:

  • taking vitamin complexes
  • breaking bad habits
  • following a special diet rich in proteins and dairy products.

Is it possible to conceive twins during the stimulation of ovulation by medication?

Stimulation of ovulation is a set of measures aimed at maturing several eggs in one menstrual cycle. As a result of such actions, two or three egg cells mature in the ovaries, which emerge from the follicles and are ready for fertilization. As a result, the chances of conceiving twins are greatly increased. This method is regarded as an effective technique that answers the question of many women: how to conceive twins. Manipulation involves the introduction into the body of a woman hormonal drugs that stimulate ovulatory processes in the reproductive system.

Medical products for conceiving twins

Often planning a multiple pregnancy involves a course of hormone therapy. At the same time, doctors prescribe to women drugs containing progesterone and follicle-stimulating hormone. These compounds contribute to the active maturation of a large number of egg cells, stimulate implantation processes. Before starting therapy, a woman is given a blood test for hormones in order to determine their concentration. Based on the data obtained, a course of treatment is prescribed, indicating the dosage, frequency and duration of treatment.

The most effective medical products are:

  • Clomiphene
  • Puregon
  • Menotropin

With the help of reproductive technology, several babies can be conceived at once. So, with IVF twins is not uncommon. This procedure involves transferring two or three fertilized eggs at once, which often successfully undergo implantation. As a result of the procedure, a multiple pregnancy occurs, that is later confirmed by an ultrasound scan test.