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Keeping your kids safe - the right way to hire a nanny

the right way to hire a nanny

So you’ve finally decided that it’s time to get some help with the kids and hire a babysitter. Going back to work or simply having more time for yourself means you will need a nanny who can come to the rescue when needed. However, finding someone you can trust to look after your kids isn’t easy. Although you will come across plenty of options, you probably want someone who you can actually trust.

The process of finding a babysitter can be simplified as long as you have some clear selection factors in mind. You need to pursue a few relevant steps before making your final choice. To be certain your kids are completely safe with that person, here’s how you should handle things in this department:

Think of job specifics

Before you actually start looking for someone, you should first decide the babysitter’s future responsibilities. To find someone who is actually up for the job, you should be well aware of what you expect from them. Think about the days and hours you would need them to work, if a live-in nanny would be the preferred option, how much you can afford paying them or if you are looking for a certain type of personality. When you have all the specifics figured out, it will become much easier for you to make a selection.

Do a background check

Reading a babysitter’s resume won’t give you all the details you need to figure out if the said person is skilled, experienced and worth trusting. You’re recommended to do a bit more “digging’ and find out if the nanny is actually transparent, or if there are any red flags you don’t know about. Luckily, screening processes have been made easy over the last few years with the help of technology. You have digital tools that can help you discover quite a lot of personal information on people. Use a platform or an app that allows you to do a free background check and see what you come across.

With just the name, phone number or address of a person, you can get instant access to personal details, such as address history and traffic records, you can find nationwide court and public records. If there are any criminal or arrest reports, lawsuits or suspicious profession affiliations, you should know about them from the start and a background check will allow you to do that. You can even come across their social media accounts or dating profiles.


Let’s face it, someone who is babysitting for the first time won’t be able to be as professional or attentive as you might desire at the moment. To not leave your kids under the supervision of a person who doesn’t know a lot about babysitting, it’s simply best to hire someone with experience. Ask them for how long they’ve been working as a nanny, and consider them an option only if you’re satisfied with their answer.

Ask for referrals

You need to find out if the families the nanny has worked for in the past have been satisfied with the services received, or if they have any complaints you should know about. Referrals are a great way to check if a babysitter can actually live up to your expectations, if their skills as extensive as they’ve possibly claimed to be. Ask the nanny that you’re considering hiring to provide you with at least a couple of references, and get in contact with those parents. Have a list of questions to ask them and see how they respond. Were the kids happy with the babysitter? Were there any incidents? Has the nanny left a good impression on them? Why are they not working together anymore? Think of everything you want to find out and see if you are pleased with the information offered. Some positive referrals can go a long way, giving you peace of mind that you’re making the right choice.

Get the entire family involved

This isn’t a decision you should be making on your own. Although you know exactly what you want for your kids, and you might have an image in your head of how the nanny should be, you’d benefit from another perspective as well. Get the entire family involved in the hiring process. Ask for the opinion of your spouse and other family members. It will seem easier to reach a conclusion when more than one person has been involved in choosing the babysitter. Finding the perfect fit is a task for the entire family, and together you will be able to employ someone trustworthy.

Start with a trial-day

You should see for yourself how the babysitter is around children before actually signing a long-term contract. The best way to do that is by arranging a trial-day. Even if regularly you won’t be there, when they’re watching the kids, spend the entire trial day with them and try to observe their behavior. Usually, your instinct will tell you if their work ethic and personality make a good fit or not.

Consensual video home surveillance

Having cameras around the house can also give you peace of mind that your kids are in good hands when you’re not around. Discuss with the babysitter and see if they would have anything against video surveillance. This way you can monitor their performance, and be 100% sure they are actually taking care of your kids as you agreed on.

Leaving your children with someone you don’t know that well can often be nerve-wracking. That’s why, when you are searching for a nanny, you should handle the entire process with precise care and attention. There are a few useful things you can do, which will add to the reliability of your choice. The tips found here can provide you with the help you needed. From doing an extensive background check using a platform or an app, to requesting referrals form their past employers, each one of these steps is equally relevant, so use them to your advantage.