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Moving Day With Kids: Help Your Local Movers & Get A Sitter

moving with kids

Moving day can become really hard. There’s so much going around and there are so many things to be done to accomplish the move. Not to mention that moving day becomes even more challenging if you have kids that you have to attend to during the moving process.

During the moving day, people will be coming in and out of your home hauling everything from heavy furniture to appliances. You can’t afford to have your kids in the way as they might get seriously injured from all the commotion.

If you don’t know what to do with your kids during moving day, this guide will provide you some ideas on how to keep your children occupied and how to make the moving process as quick and efficient as possible.

Find Good Movers

First things first, you need to find a good local moving company. Whatever your reasons for relocating, moving can be really tough to handle on your own. It’s just impossible to do it by yourself. So, to help you with the moving process, you must hire local movers.

We’re not talking about just any local movers though. You must look for reliable local movers who are up for the job no matter where you move. To do this, find a website to find movers with good reputation and reviews.

Keep in mind though that choosing a moving company mustn’t be done blindly. Not doing your research when looking for movers can cause you to spend a lot more than what you may have anticipated.

Helping the Movers

On moving day, you want to make sure that you don’t burden the movers. It’ll be their job to move your items and it’ll be your job to make sure nothing gets in their way during the moving process. Here’s how you can help local movers on moving day.

  • First thing you want to do is to ensure the safety of everyone during the moving process. Clear your house from any obstacles, surfaces, or objects that might get in the way of the move. Bear in mind that the movers are going to be carrying heavy items, it’s your job to make sure their paths are clear.
  • Even though you really don’t have to do it, your local movers may appreciate some help. Carrying a couple of your own items can help make the whole process go faster. Provide an extra hand for items that you don’t have a problem loading into the truck. The same goes for unloading the items out of the truck. You can help load and unload your items as long as you stick to their plan.
  • Marking your items with instructions is of great help to the movers. This also ensures that all your items will be taken care of during the moving process. Most of the time, movers will carry any items they see and load them into the truck if there’s no instructions. It’s important to mark your items with a label “Do Not Take” or “Fragile” so the movers know what to do with them. You can also separate the items that you don’t want taken by if you prefer to move them by yourself.

What To Do With Your Kids During Moving Day?

Now on to your kids. No matter how proficient you can be at multitasking, it’s impossible to oversee the moving process while you’re looking after your kids during moving day.

One of your top priorities during moving day is to ensure the safety of your kids. You have to make the moving process a good experience for your kids. If you think you won’t be able to look after your kids during moving day, it would be best to hire a babysitter who’ll look after them. Your kids, especially toddlers and babies, need attention and supervision at all times.

Having a reliable person like a babysitter to take care of your kids during moving day can make things a lot easier for you. The sitter can be your neighbor or relative whom you’re comfortable with to look after your kids. You can even choose to hire a professional babysitter if you have no one else to call to look after your kids during the day.


So, that’s pretty much it! If you follow our guide above on moving day with kids, everything will be so much easier. Be sure to find reliable local movers that will surely get the job done and try to help them as much as you can without burdening them on moving day. As for your kids, it’s better if you get a sitter who can look after them on moving day. Finally, once you’ve successfully relocated to your new home, be sure to get everyone settled in especially your kids. It’s also good to celebrate the success of the move and congratulate your kids for coming through the experience.