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New York University Application Tips From The Experts

nyu aplication tips

Attending NYU is the goal of many promising and determined students with a passion for creativity and cultural exploration. If you are one of the aspiring candidates, you will surely face tough competition in the admission process, yet you have to show that you are fit for the university through your academic ranking and social activities. There are many things you should consider while applying for college, here are few tips with a focus on making the NYU application process go as smoothly and less stressful as possible. 

  1. Complete All Parts Of Your Application 

There will be a lot of advice you will get throughout your entire application but the one advice, or reminder rather you will receive, is that thousands of students applying to NYU miss one or more important documents every year. Forgetting even just one document on a very important day sounds silly but truly happens, making your application to not be submitted or be denied later on. Make sure that you submit your application with complete information, ensure that the application fee is paid and received by the university, and send all the required supporting documents or let the school send them if possible. 

For the supporting documents, make sure to send what the university admission team asked for. The admission office workers review thousands of applications and by adding any unwanted information to your application, the important ones will get lost. Focus on your transcript, test scores, and only recommendations the admission office asked for. Do not send irrelevant papers that will only fill your file for no good reason. 

  1.  Early Submission 

You will hear that you need to submit your application by the set deadline but submitting your application a little early will give you the priority for sure. Early submission of the requirements will get your application processed ahead of time and your ID will be assigned days before compared to the students who submitted on the deadline. Submitting the requirements early also gives the advantage of knowing if anything is wrong with your papers and documents sooner, allowing you to fix these errors faster. Also, for programs that require a portfolio, applying a month in advance is advised to have time for scheduling the audition or submitting the portfolio in the best quality and not rushed.

  1. What To Write In Your Essay 

College essays could be quite stressful to write, for the reason that your whole future and dreams depend on the words you include in this college application essay. For NYU essay requirements, applicants will be mostly asked with the questions: Why did you choose NYU specifically? And What motivated you to apply for NYU? Why have you chosen this particular area of study to pursue? To come up with a well-written college application essay, you should first talk about the aspects you love about NYU, let’s say the location, the student community, or the opportunities the school is offering. You should for sure take your time and research before starting the essay. There will be a lot of write-ups about NYU that can be your source of information, but your best reference should be the NYU website. 

The university’s official website stores all the important information about the school like its foundation, their achievements, and current offerings so might as well utilize those. After doing your search, try talking to the currently enrolled students or do visit the campus. Interviewing the students and getting to see the school for yourself will greatly benefit your essay as if you will write like an actual NYU student. Your next task as an applicant is to connect the reasons why you are applying to NYU to your goals and aims in the future. The essay should reveal how you would benefit from an NYU education and how you will contribute to the students’ community in a positive way.

  1. Stay In Contact With The University 

One of the best ways to keep in touch and stay updated on your application status is by setting up your NYU account and regularly checking your application status page. You should be able to set up your account using your ID which is usually sent a few days after you submit your application. Also, always check your mail. The university might send you an email in case of a missing document, which if you miss will surely prevent your application process. Adding to that, there might be a scholarship that you are eligible for and the admissions office is contacting you to let you know. Reading your emails carefully and not skipping any lines is important just so you will not miss a major announcement or requirement. 

  1. Updates In Your Application 

If you discovered that something is missing or there is a mistake in your application, do not panic. The errors in your application can be easily updated through the application status page using the information update request form. You will only need your ID and the password you created on the NYU page. Unfortunately, if you have just submitted your application, the admissions office may need up to 10 days to send your ID.

New York University constantly looks for inquisitive minds so if you want to be accepted in such a prestigious university, try to demonstrate how you identify with the same curiosity. Showing off to the university how you fit into the fabric and could contribute to the concept of advancement in whatever program you are going to study will surely give NYU the impression that you are worthy.