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Parents In Middle Tennessee Looking For Better School Options

Christian schools in Tennessee

Are you a parent, caught in a dilemma that your child’s school does not provide faith-based teachings?

In today’s world, children have access to several platforms where they can learn on their own, but faith nurtured in a school environment can help children get a deeper connection with their religion. This is why if parents are looking for better school options, they should head towards private Christian schools. 

If you are interested in raising a spiritual child from a Christian perspective, you need to first consider admitting your little one to a Christian school. Let’s find out more about that. 

What Options Do Parents in Middle Tennessee Have? 

Parents are not restricted to only public and private schools in Middle Tennessee. In fact, they have several options to explore such as online academies, homeschooling, public charter schools, learning pods and public magnet schools. 

Traditional Public Schools 

Public schools are free to attend and paid for by taxpayers allowing parents to admit their children to school without further expenditure.

There are around 1700 public schools in Tennessee. These are the traditional public schools that most parents would consider unless they are able to pay for their child’s education. 

Private Schools 

Private Schools such as Christian schools or other religious and nonreligious private schools are paid for by the parents. The private schools may either teach a slightly different curriculum, may be smaller or inculcate religious teaching.

From around 540 private schools in Tennessee, the average tuition for a year is around $10,644. 

Public Charter Schools 

Like traditional public schools, charter schools are free plus have no particular requirements for education. What makes charter schools different is that they have more freedom over the learning methods. Moreover, they are supposed to authorize entities for students' results. Every charter school has a charter which is the specific community need and purpose that they serve. That can range from providing students with a literacy-based curriculum or a language immersion program. 

Charter schools are gaining popularity in Tennessee, now teaching up to 38,000 students.

Online Learning

Virtual learning is another way a Christian parent can help their child get closer to their religion. Even in traditional schools, online learning provides a flexible, and self-paced environment for the child to learn better.

Does your child want to accelerate their learning and get ahead of their peers? Or do they want a stress-free and focused environment at their home rather than going to school? 

In both cases, online learning is suited for your little one. 

Magnet Schools 

A magnet school is a public school that narrows down to a specific track. For instance, it can be for performing arts or an International Baccalaureate.

All courses in the magnet public school are taught keeping in mind that specific learning track. Therefore, it is specifically for kids who learn better by deep diving into one subject and making it their future job. Besides all these schools, there is the option of homeschooling your kids and learning pods. Homeschooling is a good option for parents who can provide flexible and customized learning to their children while learning pods are for small groups of students with an adult supervisor.

However, looking for a Christian school specifically means you will have to choose a private school. 

Why is Christian School a Good Option in Middle Tennessee? 

Christian schools in Franklin Tennessee are well-established schools for all educational resources. These not only teach students about subjects taught in traditional public schools but also improve their chances of getting into a college. 

Other reasons to send your child to a Christian school include: 

Focus on Character Formation 

These schools do not merely teach your child but also provide a nurturing environment for them to make ethical choices throughout their life.

The curriculum includes wisdom and knowledge alongside morals and character development in light of the Gospel. Service opportunities and spiritual development are inculcated into the coursework. 

Share The Moral Values of a Parent

Parents can rest assured when the moral values of the school align with the parents. Their child will learn the right things.

After all, the Christian school’s main aim is to have a community with a Biblical foundation, based on moral and spiritual formation as well as showing care for each other. 

Individual Attention to the Child 

Private Christian schools are not as crowded as public schools.

Students receive one-on-one attention from their teachers. In fact, the administrators also know them well and will know parents better too.

Besides these, other benefits include:

  • Providing a safe emotional environment for children 

  • Has teachers that model Christian values in the curriculum 

  • Prayer is an essential part of the school 

  • Your child learns the Bible 

  • Encourages positive peer pressure and whole child development 

Final Takeaway 

If you are situated in Middle Tennessee and are in search of better schools for your child than public ones, a private Christian school is a good choice for a Christian student.

It connects them with worldly and religious education simultaneously raising them in learning and character.