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Play These 7 Indoor Games with Your Child to Bust Cabin Fever

kids indoor games

Are you stuck at home with nothing to do? If so, don’t let your child spend all their precious time glued to the TV or smartphone screen. Turn this situation into a bonding experience, a chance to spend some quality time with your child and to create beautiful memories.

If you are wondering what fun indoor activities you can do with your kid, we got you covered. With the help of a few household items and toys, you can keep your child engaged and entertained—even if they can’t go outside. Here are seven indoor games that we’re certain they will enjoy.

Long Jump

Most kids love jumping around, so they will undoubtedly get excited playing the “long jump game.” All you need to do is to attach strips of tape on the floor or carpet to create five to ten lines. Ask your child to stand on the first line and jump as far as they can. Use the lines as a guide to monitor their scores. Have your kid jump a couple of times to beat their best performance. Once they have mastered this game, you may increase the difficulty level by instructing them to jump backward.

If you’re having the game on carpeted floors, you may want to buy kid's antimicrobial socks that your child can wear. Wearing socks offer additional padding and support to lessen the impact of jumping on the feet. It will also help keep your child's feet dry and free from odor-causing bacteria.

Keep the Balloon Up

This classic game will absolutely tickle your child’s fancy because it involves something most kids the world over love—a balloon. The objective of the game is simple: hit the balloon up into the air and prevent it from touching the ground. It is best played with siblings or with friends, and whoever keeps the balloon up longer wins the game. When playing “keep the balloon up,” you may want to tie one of your hands behind your back and juggle at least two balloons to make it more challenging. You can also give a prize to the winner for extra excitement.

Duck Waddle

Keep the balloon fun going by playing “duck waddle.” As the name suggests, the rule is to waddle like a duck. But instead of merely acting like one, you will place a balloon between your child’s knees. The objective is to toddle toward the finish line without dropping the balloon. If they accidentally drop it, make them go back to the starting line and begin over. Consider playing the “Five Little Ducks” song in fast mode to spice up the game.

Catch the Ping Pong Balls

For this game, you will need a large paper cup and a couple of ping pong balls. You can also use small toys or tiny objects, as long as they fit the cup. Let your child stand in one area holding the cup while you stand in the opposite end with the ping pong balls. Throw the ball one at a time in the air, and ask your child to use the cup to catch as many balls as they can. Keep stepping back as the game progresses to increase the challenge.

Mirror Game

To play this game, begin by having your child stand in front of you. Ask them to imitate your movements because they will be the “mirror.” Make silly faces. Hop on one leg. Act like a playful monkey, and do all sorts of funny antics that will make both of you giggle in no time. Switch roles after a few minutes and let your child try different actions. Try exaggerating your movements as you copy your kid to keep the laughter going. Create a lively mood by playing your child’s favorite songs.

Dance Freeze

Be sure to play this game if your child loves dancing. The rules are easy—both of you should dance when the music plays and freeze or hold your respective positions as soon as the tune stops. It doesn’t matter if you have one leg up. All players must freeze until the music starts playing again. You can use your smartphone for this game so that you can readily control the music without leaving your place.

Go to the Shape

To play this game, you need ample space and some colored tapes. Consider moving your living furniture around to create a spacious area. Afterward, use the tape to place different shapes on the floor. You can also add letters and numbers if your child can already recognize them. Have your kid stand on the starting line and ask them to follow your instructions. Essentially, you will ask them to go to the shape you tell them. But instead of merely walking to get there, you will ask them to do different movements. For example, you can instruct them to “hop like a bunny going to the square” or “slither to the triangle.” You will love how this game will help keep your kid active while reinforcing learning.

Hopefully, the indoor games described above made you realize that you don’t need complicated playthings and activities to keep your child happy when they’re stuck at home. With a bit of creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and imagination, you can create exciting games using only ordinary things and the most basic motor skills. The most important thing to ensure optimal fun is to play the games with your child. Laugh, dance, jump, and squeal with delight together, and you will surely make the time worthwhile.