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Reasons To Buy Your Kids LGB Model Trains

child with lgb train playing

Play time is essential for your kids’ learning and development. The frequency of playing and the toys they use while playing can help them develop important skills that they will need in life. Through play, kids’ motor skills, muscles, and emotions are developed over time.

As a parent, it’s vital that you pay attention to the toys you give your kids to ensure that these materials contribute to their learning and growth. LGB model trains from are great toys that can help kids learn important skills. These toys can encourage meaningful play wherein kids play spontaneously, try new ideas, and learn at the same time.

Here are reasons why you should buy LGB model trains for your kids:

1. Encourage Pretend Play

Pretend play is one of the building blocks in a kid’s development. Because kids usually learn by imagining and doing, pretend play allows them to develop in essential areas, such as:

Social and Emotional Skills: Your kids can experiment with the various emotional and social roles in life during pretend play. When your kids decide to play different characters—say, a train driver, railroad engineer, or a businessman who takes the train regularly—they will experience “walking in someone else’s shoes.” Playing these roles can help your kids become more empathetic and understand how each of these roles affects another person’s life.

When your kids play with LGB model trains and decide to become a train driver, they will eventually understand and appreciate the responsibilities of the profession. These responsibilities can include properly maneuvering the train and taking all of the passengers to their destinations safely.

Language Skills: Operating a train and making sure that all of its passengers arrive at their destinations on time require communication. If your kids play LGB model trains with their peers, they need to communicate with each other to know what roles will be played by whom. Your kids will start to use words to ensure that their peers are working with them to create and reenact a story.

Thinking Skills: Pretend play encourages your kids to solve problems. This skill can help them manage problems and look for appropriate solutions.

When it comes to using LGB trains, your kids will also have to come up with solutions for simple problems. They consider what route the train will take, how many passengers fit inside the train, and how much will the train fair cost.

Before a train station can fully operate, several factors have to be considered first. And pretend play can be a great avenue to encourage your kids to think and provide decisions to these considerations.

kids playing creatively

2. Improve Creativity And Imagination

Your kids can find joy and unlock their potential if creativity and imagination are present. These skills are vital for your kids to move forward in life, and to come up with out-of-the-box ideas.

Boost your kids’ creativity and imagination by letting them play LGB model trains. These toy train sets will require your kids to create their own routes from the tracks (whether they want the train to go through straight or zigzag railroads) and come up with stories about why the train broke down in the middle of the railroad.

With creativity and imagination, your kids will never run out of ideas on how they can play with the LGB model trains—from using the train as a means of transportation for a busy businessman, to becoming a hero’s ride from one planet to another.

3. Enhance Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills can contribute to your kids’ success in the future. Fine motor skills involve small movements with one’s hands, fingers, feet, and toes. Once your kids’ fine motor skills are developed, it’ll be easier for them to coordinate small movements with bigger ones.

Letting your kids play with LGB model trains can positively impact your kids’ motor skills. Through these toys, your kids will learn how to create a train station, set up a working railroad, and move the trains from two different points.

These activities will require your child to manipulate smaller objects and use their hands, thus enhancing their motor skills during the process. They are basically making small movements, without even realizing it, to ensure that their model trains will run.

Safety First

Make sure that the model trains you buy for your kids are suitable for their age. Buying toys that are too small for them might become choking hazards, while buying ones that are enormous can cause injuries. It’s also best if you introduce the model trains by playing with your kids. Use this time as an opportunity to teach your kids the do’s and don’ts when playing with model trains.