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Throwing The Perfect Birthday Party For Your Child

Birthday Party

When it comes to throwing the perfect party for your child's birthday, most parents want to pull out all the stops. While some of us are adept at planning large gatherings where food and drink flow as freely as the conversation, games, and activities are talked about for months afterward, and everyone has a great time, others cringe at the thought of having any gathering with our name attached to it. 

Regardless of your level of comfort when it comes to throwing the perfect party, there are a host of resources online that you can draw from to gain inspiration for the perfect birthday gathering. If you're looking for a cool way to celebrate a child's birthday, look no further. We have some top-notch ideas for maximizing fun and minimizing work. Here you go!

1. Consider your guest list
Are young children coming? Consider restricting the party to a two-hour time limit, and avoid prime nap time hours between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Be prepared with a basket of toys that can be used during those quiet times when behaviors might be an issue. Plan all-encompassing activities to make sure that most, if not all guests, will be entertained, and be sure to check in with parents and children alike to make sure that everyone is relaxed and having a good time.

2. Keep It Simple
There's no need to buy and send out fancy invitations when you can add an endearing and homemade touch. Trace your child's hand on the invitation, printing the details within the outline, or have your toddler help you "decorate" with stickers. This personal touch will be memorable for you, and it will make an impression on your guests even before they come to your party.

3. Streamline your gift experience
Will there be a lot of jealous kiddos at your party who wish they had gifts as well? Consider opening them after everyone leaves and sending out thank you notes as a personalized touch for your guests. If you think that your cherub has far too many toys already, why not fill out a gift registry or attach a note within the invitation regarding gift suggestions you would appreciate? For many guests, this will be helpful, as many people wonder what kinds of gifts may be appropriate for your child. Do what you can to streamline the process, and instead focus on the festivities of the day.

4. Order your cake?
If you don't have solid fondant skills, do you want to be messing around in the kitchen for hours to bake the perfect cake creation? Save yourself some time----and probably a bit of money too----by ordering your cake. Quite a few grocery stores and bakeries now have made to order cakes that you can customize; bring professional flavors and flair to your party by presenting a store-bought cake, and save yourself some time!

5. Enlist help when needed
Don't be afraid to ask friends and family to come to the rescue when it comes to adding birthday flair to your event. Make it a potluck, where everyone brings a favorite dish to pass. Put together some birthday board ideas for display as guests come in. Ask a couple of friends to come over an hour early to help you set up and decorate, or at least provide childcare so you can put the finishing touches on everything. The more you can delegate responsibilities, the more you'll be able to enjoy yourself around all of the planning, execution, and clean up that parties require.

Stress less, enjoy more!
Rest assured parents, implementing some of these easy birthday party strategies will help you enjoy that special day even more. Relax, have fun, and soak up these special moments; they grow up so quickly!